Aug 14

Our Country Home Has Really Got Us Hooked on Country Living

We bought our home about a decade ago from my wife’s grandparents who were retiring out of state. We thought it would be just a first home for us, but we decided we really like it here. It is on rural land, and it has lots of acreage and a big pond. I spend entire Saturdays mowing, but it is very worth it. The house needed a few upgrades from when it was built, and we got it all done including fancy custom orange county shutters that go on the inside of the windows instead of the outside. You use them to replace the need for blinds and draperies. We like the open look. There is nothing blocking the wonderful country light when you swing them open out of the way in the morning. They also offer great privacy at night. You can open and close the louvered slats to let just the right amount of light in, or you can close them to keep the interior of your home private. Continue reading

Feb 21

Best Bathroom Floor Motif

Looking for bathroom floor for your home? The selection of the right bathroom floor not only makes the activity of bathing increasingly engrossed but also had the effect of influential interior towards the bathroom appearance overall. Here we will discuss the motives of the bathroom floor the best option for you to use in your House!

1. Mosaic bathroom floor that makes the more Unique


One of the options the bathroom floor that is a mosaic floor with the look of a neutral and calm could create the perfect contrast and uniquely in the bathroom. Not sure with the combination of mosaic? Just select from the forms or play dual colors like black and white or blue and white. Guaranteed eye-catching!

2. The bathroom floor from wood

Use the elegant wooden motif ceramic and bathroom floors to warm yours. Not only look more vibrant, bathroom floors are also not vulnerable to a dirty bathroom floor that are predominantly white. For you who liked the style of the rustic, wooden motif ceramic could be the right choice!

3. Penny Tiles For bathroom floors are beautiful

Penny Tiles floor bathroom

Penny tiles are the motif of the bathroom floor and hexagonal-shaped small-sized. The motif of the bathroom floor is funny and pretty impressed because of the installation neat and regular, are also attracting attention. Try also the color combinations so that the bathroom floor making looks cool!

4. Diamond Tiles On The Bathroom Floor Of House


Bored with the look of the square to the bathroom floor in the House? Easy! Simply ask the same ceramic floor installation but in the diamond motif tiles that stole the attention. Starting from color, size, and the combination of shades you can apply for a bathroom floor.

5. The bathroom floor Herringbone Motif

Herringbone floor bathroom

Often also called the zig-zag motifs, the bathroom floor can make you choice herringbone if you want variation in the appearance of the bathroom floor other than others. In addition, this pattern also fits applied to almost all interior design.

6. A unique Woven Motifs

Woven Motifs

Trend bathroom floors with motifs similar to woven baskets have started to hit the country’s West. It’s time you tried the inspiration for this unique bathroom floors in the House because Kania patterned bathroom floor sure beautiful is still rare.

7. A combination of Traditional Motifs In Tiled bathroom floor Beautiful

Traditional Motifs floor bathroom

Enjoy the thrill of difference in your bathroom with a bathroom floor got motive times first. The combination of the bathroom floor tiled with gorgeous like the example above could give different nuance compared to the bathroom floor on average.


8. The bathroom floor Gorgeous Bamboo Motif

Bamboo floor bathroom motif

Ceramic tile bathroom floor with bamboo motif is not a new trend but still had a place in the hearts of being excellent and beautiful flooring. The flat shape with different colors of the strokes, the bathroom floor bamboo motif is an alternative style stylish bathrooms at the same time functional.


9. The bathroom floor Granite With a touch of Classic

Granite bathroom floor

Bathroom floor type granite also provides lots of interesting color and style variations. Types of bathroom floor from this granite give the impression of luxury and classy with a higher price, but also carries the hallmarks of such long-lasting due to the pore-less and not easily dull.

10. Warm bathroom floor With Rubber Laminating


The bathroom floor with rubber coating is apt to use for bathrooms due to its warm, not slippery and easy to clean. Typically, this type of floor coatings has a glossy surface and a bit tender.

Great selection of bathroom floor that you can choose? In addition to adjusting to the interior design of the room, don’t forget to consider the benefits in accordance with your need. Do not hesitate to ask for the help of professional interior design services to determine the right flooring!

Feb 19

Japan Interiors Clean Kitchen Style

Japan interiors kitchen style have different characteristics from other interiors. Among them is the form boxes in almost every part of the interior, minimalist, natural materials, and the use of sliding doors. Japan-style residential sections of interest to clean kitchen space is discussed.

japan kitchen style

Broadly speaking, the kitchen clean this Japan-style feels comfortable, clean, modern, and natural. Clean kitchen a la Japan is more concerned with function than aesthetics. No wonder if you will only find furniture such as a stove, fridge, washing machine, place the rice cooker, and electronic oven just inside the kitchen clean.

Clean kitchen a la Japan is suitable for you who do not want to elaborate and prefer the functions of the kitchen itself. As inspiration, Kania will share 13 Japan-style clean kitchen models you can follow!

1. Clean kitchen with window paper

japan kitchen style

You who love to watch the movie or samurai Japan against a background of ancient times are surely familiar with the door or window-lined paper ( Shoji ). In modern times, the city paper window very insecure because it is easily exploited. Instead, you can use paper as a window curtain. Shades of the same will naturally with paper.

2. Modern industrial touches in the kitchen

japan kitchen style3

The use of wooden materials in the clean kitchen a la Japan you can find this in the form of tables, floors, and ceilings. The size of the clean kitchen is not too widespread and just filled in by the kitchen table and washing the plate that connects to the dining table. Because of its furniture, kitchen area, this comfortable seat can be added and changed into the family room. Very minimalis and uncluttered.

3. Clean kitchen open shelves with Japan stylejapan kitchen style2

Open shelves or wall shelf can create the impression of a clean kitchen is spacious and clean. The displays are also suitable to clean kitchen a la Japan. Instead of using a wall shelf to make a House look neat, this kitchen uses the open shelf hanging from the ceiling. At first glance, the rack open is reminiscent of the look of the bar table where the rack is used for laying the glass.

4. Clean kitchen with dining room

japan kitchen style4

The clean kitchen made one with a dining room is not an alien. The unification of the two rooms is arguably saving place. You can also unify a dining room with a living room as an alternative. Still, apply the keys from the kitchen clean Japan, model ala this one kitchen feels minimalist and comfortable.

The use of wooden materials in sync for all sections starting from the floor, tables, chairs, and cabinets. They all have the same color. The large square window allows incoming sunlight illuminating the kitchen area clean.

5. Traditional style semi-clean kitchen a la Japan

japan kitchen style1

When viewing the model clean kitchen a la Japan on this one, you will surely be remembered with a model kitchen at the home of traditional Japan. The use of wooden furniture up to the material of the old Brown wooden floors with the end result without the finish will make it look ancient. So too with a vintage-style Cookware typical Japan. Section closet doors using a layer of paper. Seemed to go back to the days of old with a more modern atmosphere.

6. Kitchen clean and tidy although many items on kitchen set

japan kitchen style5

Ye someone active in the kitchen cooking and the workaholic collect variations of cutlery? So that the net impression is still awake, you can compose the tableware in the rack cabinet or closet and drifts of wood equipped with glass doors. The clean kitchen will still look clean and neat style Japan.

7. Wear a concrete wall

japan kitchen style6

Clean kitchen a la Japan does not always use wood for throughout. If you inhabit a new building using concrete walls, feel free to combine with wooden material. The trick is to cover one wall with wooden shelves are height and width. These shelves can be used to store tableware, kitchen area clean so that it is completely empty without the furniture.

8. Elegant culture Japan in clean kitchen

japan kitchen style8

Clean kitchen a la Japan natural and traditional ambiance can also perform elegant tables. Want to know how? Use proper lighting. Then use white lights and put it on the ceiling, you can try using yellow lights and put in some corner of the room. This yellow light will make the wood in the kitchen clean ala Japan will look Golden and more elegant.

9. Clean minimalist Japan Kitchen stylejapan kitchen style7

Clean kitchen model ala next Japan very minimalistic design with a rectangular-shaped Cabinet fitted a simple frame. In the central part of the kitchen is clean, there is a kitchen island with a square-shaped teapot typical Japan as decoration. Lighting the lamp wattage is the right to make this kitchen feels comfortable and warm.

10. Dark Clean kitchen Japan Nuanced

japan kitchen style9

Want to clean kitchen a la Japan with shades of dark to the more masculine? Is it easy? You can still use wood materials, but paint it with grey or black mixed with white color. Add lighting in the form of square-shaped paper lanterns are hung from the ceiling.

Similarly, the Japanese clean kitchen model that we have summarized. If confused, do not hesitate to ask for help professional interior design services to design your kitchen set. Hope can inspire to beautify your new kitchen later.

Feb 14

How to Choose House Paint Color

How to Choose House Paint Color can be your reference when will paint the house. A dwelling is a palace for its owner. Eliminate the fatigue of the daily routine is usually done when meeting the family, of course when we get home. Such a feeling indicates that between the house and the owner has an extraordinary attachment. This of course also applies to you is not it? Yes, every house must reflect the identity of its inhabitants. Starting from the form of the house, design, concept, and colors that adorn the walls of the house. Well, for the latter category is usually used most homeowners to explore their respective characters.

How to Choose House Paint Color


Designing house paint colors include habits that are often done to show the character of the homeowner. To choose the paint color of the house of course tailored to the wishes of its inhabitants. However, not everyone is able to combine several colors to be an interesting look at their home. Thus, it is important for homeowners to think about some steps to choose the color of the house can be in accordance with the concept and does not make a rigid impression on the inhabitants. Here is a review of the steps you can take when choosing a color for your house paint.

1. Determine the House Paint Color Combination

A house will look beautiful and comfortable with the selection of paint colors in accordance with the room. Make sure you create a color design that fits with the concept in the house. Usually, people will choose a neutral color for 80% of their home walls and equip 20% of them with other bolder colors. It does not have to be. The selection of colors with bold can be done to impress the warmth in your home. Here are some tips for choosing the right colors:

  • Try to choose a color that consists of some of your favorite colors and family
  • Color does not have to be conspicuous because it can be neutralized with white for a more dynamic impression
  • Dare to choose color is one of the keys to the success of combination techniques
  • Distinguish between colors for interior paint with exterior

2. Know the Character of Every Color

Each color has different characters you know! So you must be good at choosing what suits your personality. Many neutral color selections actually impress the rigid character of the owner, so you can avoid or mix it with certain more lit colors.

1. White

The choice of white is the choice of the majority of people. The white color is considered as a clean color as well as luxurious and neutral. Usually, homeowners will show a combination of color on the furniture that adorns the area of ​​the house to cover the impression of white that is too dominant. However, the choice of white color will give the impression of rigid and cold if too widely used.

2. Gray

This type of color is currently a favorite. The concept of a minimalist house often uses a gray color to give a broader impression. Almost the same as white, too much gray is used as the color of the house will give the impression of rigid and arrogant.

3. Black

The impressive black color of the building is sturdy and elegant. The use of black in the walls of the house turned into a mystical and seem narrow. The black color is suggested as the selection of exterior colors only because this dark color can cause the impression of luxury if appropriate placement.

4. Pastel

The combination of pastel colors now also began a lot of interest to decorate the modern houses. Pastel colors can create a soft and flexible impression for the inhabitants.

3. Know The Best Color For The Room

How to Choose House Paint Color next identify the best colors for each room. Some rooms require a variety of colors, of course for those of you who dare to play the color, your character will be seen here. The house consists of a room – a room that is definitely a major need such as living room, family room, bedroom, and kitchen. Type of room is certainly has a different concept that requires a different color. Here are tips for choosing colors that are commensurate with your room.

1. Living Room

The living room is the most important room in a house. The living room is a place to receive guests who are not from the residents of the house. Certainly, this room is clearly in front and very frequented by other parties. Featuring a beautiful living room can also be done through color selection. The right colors used in the living room are neutral colors like white, a combination of monochrome or pastel colors. A warm impression will be displayed in these colors. Avoid using dark colors such as black, gray, brown, red and the like because it can create a stiff impression.

2. Living Room or Dining Room

The living room can be fused with the dining room. This room is a room that is also important because it is a space that will be used to gather all your family members. Color usage such as beige, orange, yellow or red can be used in this room. For the dining room, some surveys say that a light green or pastel color is a color that can invite appetite.

3. Bedrooms

Entering the actual sleeping area is relative as it depends on each occupant of the room. The bold color selection is also recommended to further impress the stronger personality of the room’s inhabitants. Usually red, purple, blue, pink and the like can be an option to assert your personality.

4. Kitchen

The kitchen is a favorite for housewives. This is where your menu is presented with various innovations from a variety of mainstay recipes. To bring inspiration sometimes requires a comfortable atmosphere. Selection of orange or metallic colors like chocolate, a combination of two colors is perfect for adding spirits to your kitchen.

5. Bathroom

The main bathroom is clean. In addition to maintaining the cleanliness of the bathroom manually, the use of the right colors also raises the impression of hygiene for your bathroom. Colors like blue, green are considered to have a clean impression that will support the look of your bathroom.

4. Paint Treatment

Paint that has been applied to your wall also requires care. As a tip that the use of ceramic material on the lower 5cm wall will keep the wall from humidity temperature. That way, wall paint is not easy to peel and faded color. In addition, strong lighting is recommended for you to display the colors boldly. Lighting is very influential for the appearance of the walls of your house, especially for the interior, while the exterior can be supported only by the lights on the terrace or garden only.

The selection of the right color on the house paint will provide a warmth that can be felt by residents and guests who come to visit. A color that is in accordance with the concept of the room will be sweeter if combined with matching furniture that can be applied in each room. Therefore, carefully choose the color of your home, guaranteed you as a family will be more comfortable at home.

Dec 09

Plan Exciting Entertainment For Your Kids

When parents plan exciting entertainment for their children, they are able to provide them with the wide range of benefits. First, they are able to provide wholesome association in an environment that the parent approves of. Second, they can plan entertainment that fits in the family’s budget. Third, they can make sure that their children are engaging in educational activities or activities that allow them to get lots of healthy exercise.

There are a lot of different activities that parents can plan for their children that are inexpensive, wholesome, and lots of fun. It may be a good idea for parents to invest in some activities that their children can regularly engage in at home. This will keep the kids a busy on their own and will also be great when other neighborhood children or friends come over to visit. For example, cornhole sets, swing sets, sports equipment, and similar items are great to have in the backyard to keep kids entertained.

It is a good idea to have some games and other things to entertain the kids inside the home as well. This is especially great for evenings, rainy days, and other times when the kids will be inside. When there are board games, puzzles, and other activities for kids to enjoy, they will not get bored. These are things that parents can enjoy with the children.

cornhole sets


It is nice to plan activities outside of the home. Simple things like going to the park on a regular basis can provide hours of fun and exercise for children. Planning educational trips is also a great idea. Depending on the city where you live, you may have free museums, science centers, libraries, and other educational centers where children can learn new things and have a good time. It is always fun to bring along a friend or two for your children to have fun with. Of course, visiting the zoo on a regular basis is also a great educational and fun experience.

It may be a wise idea to plan your next family vacation around something that is educational and in other ways beneficial. Of course, kids always love visiting theme parks. However, instead of just spending all of your money and time visiting a theme park on your next vacation, plan some other activities that will introduce your children to new experiences and allow them to see new things.

Dec 09

The Benefits of a Programmable Thermostat

If you have an old thermostat that controls your home heating and cooling systems, it’s time to upgrade to a new programmable thermostat. Even if your old thermostat still works properly, it doesn’t provide any benefits like new programmable thermostats.


image by: ccairandheat

Upgrading to a programmable thermostat for your home will increase energy efficiency and reduce your home’s yearly heating and cooling expenses. In addition to reduced energy costs, new programmable thermostats offer many benefits such as flexible scheduling, convenient features, and system zoning.

Flexible Scheduling

Unlike older thermostats where you have to manually adjust the temperature dial, programmable thermostats can be programmed to automatically adjust temperatures in your home throughout the day to provide comfort and energy savings. Most programmable thermostats area available with several different settings that let you program temperatures to fit your daily schedules.

* Seven Day – Seven day programming lets you program your thermostat settings for each day of the week. This is especially helpful if your personal schedule varies each day.

* Five Day – Five day programming lets you program your thermostat with different settings for the five-day week and the two-day weekend.

* One Week – One week programming lets you program your thermostat week to week, whether you have a set or variable weekly schedule.

Convenient Features

Programmable thermostats have special features that add simplicity and convenience to your lifestyle. Features can be remotely controlled and easily adjusted from your smart phone, computer or tablet, so it’s easy to control your home’s temperature settings from your office, car, or any remote location. Convenient features include:

* lighted screen displays
* easy-to-use touch screens
* voice activated programming and commands
* settings for vacations and traveling
* alerts for malfunction errors
* alerts for regular heating and cooling service and maintenance


System Zoning

If your home has zoned heating and cooling, a programmable thermostat lets you control temperature settings in different areas or rooms of the house. You can increase heating or cooling in spaces that are continually occupied, and decrease or shut-off heating or cooling to spaces that aren’t used frequently. System zoning is especially useful to reduce energy costs for areas like extra bathrooms, guest bedrooms, and second-story areas of the house.

With a programmable thermostat, regular service and maintenance for your furnace and air conditioning system, and water heater repair Kilmarnock Va, you can keep your home running at peek efficiency and comfort year round.

Nov 15

Practical Tips Choosing The Type Of Floor

Tips for choosing this type of flooring is very helpful when it comes time to renovate your home, homeowners generally focus on specific areas that require improvement. If your home has paint stains and chipped from the walls, then obviously you need to paint your interior. If the floor of your home using an old carpet or linoleum that blur, you’ve been interested in starting a new atmosphere with new flooring.

The problem? The choice of which very much and is not limited in terms of choosing the type of floor (wooden or tile either) makes us confused as to want to choose the kind of floor is what to wear. Therefore, we will help you determine the type of floor that is most in harmony with the interior design of your room.

Tips for choosing the type of flooring will we peeled completely on this day.

1. Wood flooring is the most popular choice in recent years, mainly in line with the development of minimalist house design. There is a great selection of styles and colors, including short boards, long boards and a mixture of styles and sizes. Using a simple floor can save you money because maintenance costs much less than the rug. Just simply sweep the dust and you can enjoy your floor. Wood flooring is also very durable and long-lasting, and not easy to crack or rupture if you happen to drop an item unexpectedly.

wood furniture

2. Ceramic tiles come in a choice of more than hardwood floors, and a selection of floor tiles are mostly used for the front entrance, bathroom, kitchen, and a laundry room. You can find various types of ceramics, from the institution of up to shiny white. Top grade tiles made of natural stone that gives the beauty in your home. Although it has a very long durability if used polished, natural stone flooring can crack and break if you use in a hot room exposed to sunlight or when something falls on it. Always make sure that Your natural stone flooring used in confined space and installed by professionals.


Tips on choosing the type of floor with a rug are the most common choice. You easily find the choice of flooring and use the rug in the homes of relatives or friends. The choice of motif and the size of the rug back to personal taste. Current trends using a long carpet.