Decorative Lighting Living Room Beauty

Decorative Lighting Living Room, In a dwelling that is able to protect its inhabitants from the dangers that threaten. Surely there is a living room as one of the special places in interacting with someone or guests. As a place of interaction with foreigners, certainly needed a room that is able to create an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility so that communication and interaction can run smoothly in the room.

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To obtain such an atmosphere, certainly requires some design touches living room which also large is an accessories such as decorative lighting living room provides its own aesthetic value to any person who is in the living room. Interested in the application of decorative lighting living room, in your dream home? But still confused how to apply? Consider the following full review.

Model Decorative Lighting Decorative Lighting Hanging White Beautiful Living Room Decorative Lighting Table Lamp Decorative Modern Minimalist Living Room

Undeniably, if the living room with decorative lighting fittings able to provide beauty parlor in it. There are a few decorative lights with interesting shapes, matching embedded in the design of the living room.

Time for you to be courageous in living room design in accordance with the dream. Most people who are less confident with living room design is applied, May be make unsatisfactory, or there are other factors that influence it.

By the time you add a decorative accessories such as lights in the living room of your personal residence, will certainly create a impressive thing with the realization of the decorative lights. To give the impression of the character in the living room, try to carry decorative lamp with orange light bulbs, with the option, will provide more living space and a comfortable classic character.

Modern Design Hanging Lamp Decorative Lighting Design Living room Design Elegant Decorative Lighting Decorative Lighting Wall Modern Living Room

Reinforces the impression of a classic, you try to apply the form of decorative light living room with a more interesting and unique. It is, of course, will attract visitors or guests who arrive at your home.

Now, with the selection of decorative lights right living room, your home will be increasingly felt comfortable during the activity in it, residents also feel comfortable to linger in the room. Hopefully the contents of the reviews above can be used as a reference and inspiration for readers. Good luck.

Choosing the Right Color for Interior Design

Color is the first impression that you feel when you see a house. However, color plays an important role and influence on residents. The right color choice is able to provide a calming effect, motivate, even able to clear up the emotions as well as support the physical and mental healing inhabitants. This is where the exploration of color is needed. You can create the impression of a quiet, peaceful, cheerful, until that is able to stimulate healing and creating a spiritual nuances.


Shades of blue and green are able to create the impression of calm. It is suitable applied to the den, bedroom, or den. White color shades spiritual cause, namely the purity and clarity of the soul. You can apply it to the room to s halat, a meditation, or a private bathroom. The shades of orange, yellow, red or able to grow a dynamic impression. You can apply it on the porch, living room, family room, carport and kitchen. For a memorable natural color you can choose the color – color such as brown earth soil, leaf green, gray – gray sand or stone, brick red also. You can combine a dark color to the floor, brown land for a family room and living room, color – bright color for the ceiling. While applied to walls and furniture colors – colors that are (not dark but not too bright).

How to choose the right color for your interior design? There are a few things you should consider:

First, recognize first the nature of color:

(1) The red color gives a dynamic effect, active, energetic and powerful. If the red color applied excessive it will create the impression of anger, and full of ambition;

(2) The yellow color depicts prosperity and opulence as synonymous with gold. The yellow color is also commonly equated with the color of the sun so as to give the spirit and full of energy;

(3) The blue color gives similarity with impressive sea and sky peaceful, calm, quiet, and comfortable. The blue color is also able to make the room feel airy;

(4) The color orange memorable cheerful, happy, full of vitality, and show happiness;

(5) The green color natural impression. Being able to provide a natural atmosphere, cool, and create a harmonious atmosphere, soothes and refreshes;

(6) The color brown natural impression. Creating an atmosphere of intimacy, warmth, comfort, at the same tranquility;

(7) The color white is neutral and tend to give the impression of purity and innocence;

(8) color – gray gives the impression of a stable, spacious and reassuring;

(9) The black color gives the impression of an elegant, handsome, and magnificent.

Second, choose the color according to the characteristics of the household. For example, a child’s bedroom, playroom, as well as a study room can be applied to color – bright colors. In contrast, parents bedroom, den, or living room choose color – color soft memorable. For the living room, kitchen, and dining room can be applied color – natural color.