September 2014 archive

Sep 27

Beautify Interior With Shelf Design Simple Yet Elegant


Everyone has their own choice on the decoration of the room later. However, if you are the type of person who wants a simple decoration, perhaps Rack is suitable for use in decorating your room. And the idea of making of this rack is actually inspired from a suspension bridge Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco) …

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Sep 17

10 Simple Tips For Your Home Always Clean

clean house

Being a worker of today is not easy because it is not uncommon to have to leave early to go home late at night after work. Of the many activities such as taking a child to school, go to work, sports, and so forth, house cleaning activities often become the ultimate priority. Actually, no matter …

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Sep 09

Tips for Choosing Bedroom Wallpaper

design wallpaper bedroom

Wallpaper Bedroom, sleep is one of the most personal space of each individual. Why is that? Because each individual will spend more time indoors than in the other room that was in the house. The bedroom also often referred to as a second home for the residents. Therefore, how we are to create the atmosphere …

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Sep 02

How to Determine the Right House Prices?

sell home

You want to sell a house? But still confused how to put the right price for your home? Currently, house prices can sometimes said to have been “unreasonable”. The more complete its facilities and, of course the more expensive the price of the house. How do I determine the home price that logical? Listen explanation. …

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