Tips New Year at Home

Tired and bored with the celebration of the new year that’s it? Filled with frenzied and congestion everywhere? Do not worry, you can still celebrate the new year at home and will not miss the moments precious turn of the year. The following tips

new-years-eve-party at home

1. Decorating your home, at least the room where you will spend a lot of time before the new year. Try installing some paper streamers, balloons in the corner of the house, if there are fireworks and confetti is definitely more exciting.

2. Choose a theme parties and events as well as other interesting than usual. If you run out of ideas you can see in a magazine or browsing the Internet. With the theme, guests will also be easier to determine the clothing worn. But do not forget to inform the desired dress code on your invitation.

3. Invite some friends or neighbors to liven up your party. Do not be too much it’ll actually be a nuisance. Make sure their presence, not funny you already expect much it turns out none of the friends that appears. Ask them to provide confirmation.

4. Prepare some foods. Do not worry to cook alone. Many stores that provide food ready to eat, or can the message delivery service. So that a more diverse diet, you can also ask friends who are invited to bring food, so you do not have to bother to shop his favorite food. Make sure you know what the menu will be taken so that no guests who bring the same food.

5. Invite guests to create hope in the coming year. This could be one of the party after dinner. Guests can share a new year’s resolution respectively. Can be serious or it could be the craziest.

6. Make sure the clock timer goes well. Lest you miss the midnight awaited. If necessary, use an alarm to remind. Install an alarm about a half hour or 15 minutes before the turn of the year.

7. Turn off the lights and light a candle or fireworks when the seconds turn of the year arrives. The atmosphere is definitely more memorable.

8. Ensure that all guests have a means of transportation to get home. If there are guests who plan to stay, check again whether there was a place to stay overnight.

9. Inform clearly to the guests to watch how the party will take place. This is to avoid the guests who will stay too long on your estimate.

Wishing Everyone a Happy New Year

Christmas Light Decoration Saving Tips

Christmas is not always synonymous with new and luxury goods, with even limited circumstances versatile you can enliven the Christmas Day with family. The following tips will help you take advantage of existing items in the house and set it into a beautiful Christmas creations:


Attach the start of the Christmas lights with small light at the top and to the bottom. Test it first before you install it.

  • Use the floodlights that leads to the house or a tree that does not give a striking impression.
  • Reserves unused wiring in an old box store wipes container that has been unused and name to be easily recognizable.
  • Make a small box made of cardboard or plywood ¼ inch to keep the little lights.
  • Wrap neatly for easy found to be used in next year’s Christmas. Keep candles out of the reach of children and do not light a candle around the Christmas tree. Give each candle lit container.
  • Avoid decorations made of glassware or sharp edged, should avoid small decorations are easily accessible by children and can be swallowed by them.
  • Keep Christmas cards to be used in the former next Christmas with a little creativity, stick family pictures and give trinkets Christmas card that will look beautiful.
  • When greeting cards to gift has been exhausted, use leftover wrapping paper. Scissors according to size and stick the card and decorative creations on gift cards do not waste your Christmas tree ornament hook is separated, collected together and made into a beautiful table decoration.
  • Always remember to turn off Christmas tree lights before going to bed and spray a little perfume on the ornaments are hung.
  • Want wrapping large gifts? You do not need to bother! Use tablecloths are made of plastic or paper material that is patterned shades of Christmas.
  • As a gift bag or tissue using light-colored plastic bags, you also have an interesting wipes container.
  • Former shape resembles a Christmas card as a Christmas tree ornament and stick it on the wall
  • Collect patchwork fabrics and sew the pillowcase. Create a Christmas atmosphere of each patchwork composed with shades of bright and festive.
  • See your doll collection, if there is still a good and decent removed, washed and dressed dolls with red ribbons, green or yellow gold. Complete with a small gift boxes in the doll’s arm and flats under the Christmas tree.

Thus saving tips to decorate your Christmas decorations, congratulations celebrate Christmas with family.

5 How to organize an elegant ceramic wall

There are many ways to organize ceramics on the wall to make it look elegant and classy. Starting from a model brick, stacked, mosaic, and so forth. In this review, we invite you to look around some examples of ceramic wall arrangement as abstracted from Houzz. Expected by reading this review you get inspiration on how to design ceramic wall in your home.


This is a classic look that is widely used in homes. Not difficult to arrange ceramic brick models horizontally. This will give the impression of your home. Rectangular ceramic is the best choice for this style. The thing to remember, you have to get ready to cut if you want to install ceramic tile in the area of ​​the tip or corner. Try to install ceramic white with gray grout, would certainly look classy.


Choosing a brick pattern oriented vertically but does reduce the effect of the room loose, but stressed height space. It also adds a contemporary touch but still classic, with nuances that are not too trendy. This pattern is suitable to be applied in the toilet and bathroom.

Large brick

The size of the tiles that are sold are diverse, you can choose ceramic oversized or large size. Believe me, the size can give different effects. This pattern helps minimize the visual impact of the grout, which allows the ceramic has a smoother appearance.


This is the simplest layout. In a stacked pattern, ceramic aligned to form a grid benthic repeated. This results in a modern look that fits perfectly to the shape of a clean and sharp angles, and play with organic shapes of exotic woods.


The word “mosaic” may bring to mind the complex shapes. In terms of design, the arrangement of each ceramic mosaic is in the form of repeated small size (or a set of specific forms). Very common example is a ceramic 1 inch square, although there are also other shapes and patterns, such as triangles.

How to Design a Bedroom Interior Girls

The bedroom is the one room that has the benefits of rest and private activity in it. The rooms are often referred to as a second home for everyone, because everyone is happy to do personal activities of daily in the room, probably in the room feel more comfortable and able to concentrate in doing activities.

For girls especially, they are happy to do the activity in the room than in any other room in the house. For example, reading a book and learn, certainly needs peace and comfort to concentrate, and free from disturbances that are around the house. To provide a more comfortable and quiet, the girls bedroom can be designed according to the needs and personal preferences.

design wallpaper bedroom

Bedroom Interior Design Girls

The first step in the design, define the concept of a theme that will be applied in designing the interior of the room the girls

Continue with the wall color application, this step be step two because that splash of paint does not spread to the entire existing furniture in the room. In the application of color, preferably in accordance with the concept of a predetermined theme or with bright colors.

Continue the installation of curtains with harmonious colors corresponding paint color on the wall. This is to provide harmony in the room.

Give furniture applications that fit the theme of the room. In its application, do not forget to pay attention to the function of the furniture. More simply, give furniture that has multifunctional benefits. This is to give effect to make it look neater arrangement and simple. And leaves space for space activity.

Give wall decoration in accordance with the concept defined themes. Not only that, the sleep room include some interesting accessories such as lamps learning, bedside lamps, as well as flower decoration on the table room.

Last ventilation provide appropriate air to regulate indoor air exchange in the room. and lighting in accordance with extensive As one of the tips, avoiding the installation of lights hologen, because too bright if applied at room space occupants impair vision.

Transmission of the content of some articles about girls bedroom above, less will provide inspiration, as well as a reference for those who want to give a touch of dream bedroom design. Good luck and may be useful for the readers.