December 2014 archive

Dec 27

Tips New Year at Home

new-years-eve-party at home

Tired and bored with the celebration of the new year that’s it? Filled with frenzied and congestion everywhere? Do not worry, you can still celebrate the new year at home and will not miss the moments precious turn of the year. The following tips 1. Decorating your home, at least the room where you will …

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Dec 19

Christmas Light Decoration Saving Tips


Christmas is not always synonymous with new and luxury goods, with even limited circumstances versatile you can enliven the Christmas Day with family. The following tips will help you take advantage of existing items in the house and set it into a beautiful Christmas creations: Attach the start of the Christmas lights with small light …

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Dec 08

5 How to organize an elegant ceramic wall

ceramic wall

There are many ways to organize ceramics on the wall to make it look elegant and classy. Starting from a model brick, stacked, mosaic, and so forth. In this review, we invite you to look around some examples of ceramic wall arrangement as abstracted from Houzz. Expected by reading this review you get inspiration on …

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Dec 02

How to Design a Bedroom Interior Girls

design wallpaper bedroom

The bedroom is the one room that has the benefits of rest and private activity in it. The rooms are often referred to as a second home for everyone, because everyone is happy to do personal activities of daily in the room, probably in the room feel more comfortable and able to concentrate in doing …

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