July 2015 archive

Jul 30

How Your Local Energy Conservation Affects the Community

local energy

While many people focus on the environmental factors of reducing a carbon footprint from energy use, there is a community aspect that is often overlooked. While saving money on your own energy bills and reducing carbon emissions are important, promoting a healthier community can be considered one of the reasons why more people should put …

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Jul 20

Best Way to Wash Bed linen

bed linen

Bed is certainly not just a mattress, pillows and bolsters. Sarong and bed linen also be the bed should always be clean and healthy. Need to be diligent in replacing regularly to keep you comfortable while resting. Activity wash sheets into activities that must be performed. Here are some important things you should consider when …

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Jul 07

Inspiration: Changing Tires Being Used Furniture Home

Creative furniture tires used

Whether in your home there is a bicycle tire, motorcycle or a car that is no longer in use? If there is, it should not be discarded as scrap tires can be used again for home decor. Instead of useless and discarded into a waste that pollute the environment, it is better to change old …

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