Maintain Your Water Softener System in Easy Steps

Hard water is one of the most dangerous things on our water, because hard water is contained excess minerals that can be bad to our health and our property. On the united states, abrasive hard water are affect more than 85 % household and make the lime build up on each household are elevated in almost every home. Therefore, water softener systems are vital household appliance every household needs. However, water softener systems cannot last for a long period of time if you are not maintaining them properly. Today, I will provide you a step by step guide on how to maintain your water softening system properly.

The first step is making sure to check the salt level on your water softening system. The salt is capable to soften your water and an essential part of the water softening process. Therefore, make sure the salt level are enough and effective to softening water.

The next step is clean the brine tank. You may need to clean every 6 to 12 months depending on the age and the conditions of your water softening systems. I recommend you to call professional such as Water Softener Carmel to help you clean your water softening system and also replace your old one with the best water softener for your household.

Choose the Right Carpenter For Improving Your Home

There are many ways to improving your home, however if you want to improve your home especially on wood part of your home you might need to hire a carpenter. You may also find a framing carpenter to assist you in renovation or construction projects. Make sure that you are finding someone who you can trust to do a good job, in a timely fashion and proper price. Therefore, today I will provide you a step by step guide on how to hire a framing carpenter properly before you making your final decision to hire them.

The first step is determining the extent of job that you need from framing contractor. Make sure to create a list of the different projects and quantities needed on your home. Then, make sure to create a 3 copy of your list.

The next step is making sure to ask your friends and your family for reliable carpenter on your area. If you cannot find the best carpenter via a referral, you can contact accredited contracting companies on your area. Otherwise, you can do some research on the internet for reliable carpenter. Check about the specific company and check any complaints filed against them.

The next step is making sure to ask about the insurance. A good carpenter should have company insurance coverage that capable to covers anything such as property damage and workers compensation. Leave out any carpenter that does not have adequate insurance from your list.

The next step is sorting down the carpenter into 3 and asks about your project. Provide them with the list of job you need to be done and ask whether they can include a list of materials for the job, along with an estimated time frame and the price for each of them. This way, you will be able to compare them and choose the best one. I recommend you to call custom carpentry Norwalk for the best services on carpentry.

Clean Painting Use Bread

Generally, most people prefer to eat bread with milk or other toppings dengn to obtain good energy supply in starting the activity. But you know if we find that bread can be used to clean the painting?

Yes, not only tea that can lighten the color of the carpet, a piece of bread was also to clean the painting in your home. If you find it difficult to clean dust and dirt on the painting, then you can use it as a cleaner.

Several paintings in your home may not entirely coated with glass. Painting on the wall of the house certainly could quickly become dust and become breeding a variety of feces floating in the air. To clean it, you should not use water or other chemicals, as it turns out it can damage the paint colors contained in your painting. You certainly do not want to find out if your painting becomes unsightly because of the color of the paint had to be faded is not it?

As a solution, you can use a cheap white bread this. Surely foodstuffs this one instead deliberately dumped waste by using it as a cleaning agent such as painting furniture.

To clear the way in which this painting is quite easy. You simply paste this bread on parts painting dusty or dirty. Simply wipe and press gently until the dust and the dirt attached to the surface of the bread.

Believe it or not, this method proved quite effective because the surface of the bread that is easy to absorb a variety of solid and liquid substances.

How to Choose Aromatherapy for Home

Aromatherapy growing trend among urban people because of the benefits that can relieve the stress of the various preoccupations done. The most popular is the aroma of lavender that are useful to soothe and roses that are useful to stabilize the heartbeat.

Aromatherapy is now being sold in the form of essential oils and aromatherapy candles. Aromatherapy is usually placed at each corner of the room, but not just any scent can be suitable for a particular room. Then, what is the right scent for each room in the house?


You need a calm and relaxed mood to get to sleep / quality rest after the move all day. The aroma is suitable for the bedroom is a floral scent like lavender and rose.

The living room

Use aromatherapy cause a warm atmosphere as a mixture of cinnamon, orange, and a little rosemary, so that guests will feel comfortable and welcomed.

Family room

The family room is the room where all family members spend time to gather and mingle. To get a comfortable atmosphere and make you linger in the room, use the wine aroma, geranium and rosemary.

Kitchen & Dining Room

This room is the source of all scents such as the aroma of herbs, cooking, smoke and gas stoves so you need a scent that is both absorbing and eliminating the odor. Aromas such functions are spearmint and maychang.

Knowing and Making Sunroom

A sunroom is an additional room which is used for sunbathing in the house or simply to enjoy the view around the house without fear of rain or excessive heat.

A sunroom can also serve the sundeck at the same multi functional conservatory or glass veranda. Conservatories are indoor green space, while enjoying the sun you can also enjoy beautiful plants. Glass sunroom porch while at the same time can function as a place to receive guests or banquets relaxed.

The sunroom can be created in a separate area of ​​the terrace or in a special land. On the terrace usually are half-open sunroom complete with large windows in the vicinity. For those of you who are interested to have a sunroom at home, consider first the following tips!

Selection Furniture

If you want to create the impression of a natural, use the wicker furniture made of bamboo or rattan. Make sure that you understand how to care for furniture that one can survive long.

To create a more modern atmosphere, use a plastic or vinyl furniture material then add a cushion with attractive colors on the seats.


Complete sunroom with plants. The presence of the plant will make the sunroom to be more fresh, bright, and beautify the atmosphere. To be more colorful, place plants that have bright colors.

Material Glass

A sunroom is intended as a space for sunbathing, for that use quality anti-UV glass such as window film to prevent evil sunlight strike the skin when sunbathing.

Practical Ways to Reduce Dust in the House

Dirty air outside makes the air inside the house also dirty. Plus more dust generated inside the house who came from dead skin cells of human, flake pet dander, fall out eating, grains of sand or soil washed into the house, pieces of fabric derived from upholstery sofas, curtains and carpets, and etc.

These particles when inhaled dust will be captured by our nose fur. But some particles, especially very small will wander farther into the respiratory tract. When these particles contain bacterial diseases and our bodies are not strong enough to fight against it, they can make us sick. In addition, the number of particles in the air can cause allergies, asthma, and other diseases related to the respiratory tract. There are four ways that our house is not filled with dust:

Plants in front of the house

Plants in front will act as a filter, “capture” some dust when they want to break into the wind. By installing a pergola of vines, various pollutants contained in the air can be reduced. When going into the house, and dust particles floating in the street will be blocked this green pergola. As a result, the incoming air will be cleaner.

Create openings towards the rear

Ensuring openings towards the rear garden can also reduce dust entry. Putting a bedroom at the back of the house and make the window toward the back, for example, will reduce the dust that goes into the bedroom.

Reduce dust collector

The other way is to minimize the use of objects that are potential “catch” dust, such as carpets, curtains or upholstery fabric. You can use these objects to the note must be diligent in cleaning and washing it.

Air filter

As for repel dust existing in the room can be done by using air purifier (water purifier). This tool doesn’t expend cold, but the air filter. How it works is this tool that is sucking the air, and then filter it through some sieve (filter), and blowing back the air is clean. Not only dust expelled, this tool can also get rid of the smell.