September 2015 archive

Sep 30

Maintain Your Water Softener System in Easy Steps

water softener

Hard water is one of the most dangerous things on our water, because hard water is contained excess minerals that can be bad to our health and our property. On the united states, abrasive hard water are affect more than 85 % household and make the lime build up on each household are elevated in …

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Sep 27

Choose the Right Carpenter For Improving Your Home

custom carpentry

There are many ways to improving your home, however if you want to improve your home especially on wood part of your home you might need to hire a carpenter. You may also find a framing carpenter to assist you in renovation or construction projects. Make sure that you are finding someone who you can …

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Sep 26

Clean Painting Use Bread

clean painting

Generally, most people prefer to eat bread with milk or other toppings dengn to obtain good energy supply in starting the activity. But you know if we find that bread can be used to clean the painting? Yes, not only tea that can lighten the color of the carpet, a piece of bread was also …

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Sep 21

How to Choose Aromatherapy for Home

home aromatherapy

Aromatherapy growing trend among urban people because of the benefits that can relieve the stress of the various preoccupations done. The most popular is the aroma of lavender that are useful to soothe and roses that are useful to stabilize the heartbeat. Aromatherapy is now being sold in the form of essential oils and aromatherapy …

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Sep 11

Knowing and Making Sunroom

sunroom design

A sunroom is an additional room which is used for sunbathing in the house or simply to enjoy the view around the house without fear of rain or excessive heat. A sunroom can also serve the sundeck at the same multi functional conservatory or glass veranda. Conservatories are indoor green space, while enjoying the sun …

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Sep 06

Practical Ways to Reduce Dust in the House

reduce dust

Dirty air outside makes the air inside the house also dirty. Plus more dust generated inside the house who came from dead skin cells of human, flake pet dander, fall out eating, grains of sand or soil washed into the house, pieces of fabric derived from upholstery sofas, curtains and carpets, and etc. These particles …

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