October 2015 archive

Oct 28

How to Take Care To Durable Sofa Pillow

modern sofa

Sofa can be placed in the living room or in the bedroom. The shape is elongated and has pillow which makes it very comfortable padded serve as seating. Not only was made to sit alone, sometimes sofa also can be used as the base for the bed when the arrival of guests in large quantities …

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Oct 15

3D Floor It Make Home More ‘Life’

3d floor

What comes to your mind about the interior decoration of your home? Most people will immediately think of the walls of the house. What about the floor? Clean floor alone is sometimes considered sufficient to represent the condition of the house. When in fact the floor is an integral part of the interior, which is …

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Oct 04

The Excitement of Buying New Furniture

buy furniture

If you are choosing to make a far move, than buying new furniture may be the best idea. But if you’re just getting tired of your old decor, than upgrading your furniture or touching up your room spaces is an exciting prospect. Depending on what type of furniture you want to buy with regards to …

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