3 This is the latest interior design trends

Interior design trends continue to change over time. Do not stop at the color scheme or a particular element, the designers constantly innovating recent work is admired by a broad audience.

Welcome spring in New York, designer Kerrie Kelly gave a little glimpse of the three latest design trends that might inspire you.

For some people, more home design has become part of the lifestyle. By accentuating the value of art inspired by the fashion and food, few people are willing to spend in the interior in order to realize the dream into his home.

How about you? No need to buy the exact same furniture, you can really cheat three major trends below.

Selection of optimal color and bright

Inspired by the latest fashion trend known as athleisure, see below room decorated of energetic colors and motifs are linked, a unique silhouette and quality furnishings. Athleisure style has become the style of choice for the urban active

Athleisure taken from the athletic (athletic) and leisure (leisure / relaxing). This style is perfect for those who like to exercise and busy working mothers, up to students and anyone who likes to work hard.

The interior design of this one being a favorite style that is now much in demand without putting a limit on the norms and gender.

One major aspect of this trend is the absence of limitations in choosing colors. The interior designer should choose colors that fit the tastes of the client. However, the selection of motifs and sporty silhouette should be a priority in the selection of furnishings.

For example, you can adapt the bright orange chairs as well as a medieval-style table lamp faded blue that has a groove firm and strong impression.

a feminine touch

Material given final touches plated nickel or copper color impression is a favorite choice for anyone who wants a touch of luxury and feminine.

Choose colors like pink gold, copper and warm white which gives the appearance prestige in every room. The color scheme also gives the impression of comfortable than metal furnishings.

To adopt a feminine touch in the room, you can apply it to lamps, furniture and accessories. With so soft and light impression can be felt in your home.

You can also combine luxurious materials such as marble stone at the dinner table and countertop.

For example, you can choose velvet pillowcase and accent chair with gold-colored copper material.

city life

Urban life was also inspired the latest interior design styles. Model of city life can be identified from the furnishings to the design maximum in order in the room size is minimal.

Display space is suitable for those users who care about health technologies. Generally applied to the middle class apartment in the city center.

The characteristics of the trend of “City Living” you can see from the selection of elegant modern furnishings. Such as dining tables, desks, lamp stand. Material selection can be seen from the graphic motif, recycled materials and finishes are slick.

Try to select a black floor lamp that looks a bit conservative and seat coffee shop (bar stool) were comfortable black.

4 Make these preparations before building a house

In addition to renting or buying a home, some people prefer to build their own dream home. Armed with a piece of land and home design imagination to be realized, you can save money instead of buying a house by way of installments.

However, due to budget costs are relatively difficult to predict, you must prepare extra amount of money saved. Aside from the cost, there are four other things that need to be considered before starting the construction of a house.


If you build a house, you must be a reliable researcher property. This is because, the best designed home in on exactly what you will be located there. Some people are even willing installments plots several years before it is ready to build housing on it.

It’s important to find the location convenient, both of accessibility and facilities in the vicinity to facilitate the mobility of families.

Besides the proximity of the job site, to find a house near the school reach for baby. Besides shopping such as supermarkets, malls and shop is also an important consideration next.

Hire Experts

It should be recognized that many processes you pass when they wanted to build a house. From finding prospective location information, consult with architects and interior design to realize the desire, in collaboration with builders or contractors who build your house to finish up in cooperation with a notary to take care of tax charges and important documents of your home.

Cooperating with many people, that means you have to spend substantial funds. Therefore, do not be glued to entrust the services that set a high price. You can ask for recommendations from friends or colleagues who previously never built a house or have a trusted relationship.

Noting Detail

Always remember that you are a consumer who uses the services of many experts, to make sure your home is done exactly as you would expect.

Not that you can reject the advice they give, but you still have to put forward the slightest thing you would expect in your home. With so they can find the right middle point between your taste and how it should be.

Residential Design Like You’ll Live Forever

While you can not predict how long it will stay there, but at least the house will be a legacy for your children and grandchildren in the future. Therefore when designing the house itself, select everything that is classic and timeless, so that it can last a long time in a long period of time.

Note also the home health aspects such as ventilation, windows, voids, water and electricity systems, to also practical garden arrangement. With so although later it was forced to sell the house, its value will remain stable.

Tricks to make a green open space in the narrow house

The limited area of ​​land should not be an obstacle to be able to have a green open space in the house.

The presence of open space in the shelter is like an oasis because it serves to keep the air circulation remains good so the temperature in the house remains comfortable.

In addition, the open green space can also be used as a recreation area and a moment of relaxation for the residents.

Especially for those who have jobs with high mobility and want a cool, distant peaceful atmosphere through the garden at home. And any area designated as open space to be used optimally.

Limited land an exciting challenge, but there are some tips to consider in designing a green area on land or cramped home. Most importantly, free the imagination in designing in accordance with the desired concept ,.

Basic knowledge about the types of plants that fit and how to care also needs to be studied, especially if the location of the open space is not exposed to direct sunlight.

So how what can be done to bring the green open space in a limited area?

vertical Garden

One way to optimize the green area in the narrow area is to utilize the vertical plane or wall as a farming area. Vertical garden requires a certain media and special plant engineering.

One method that is often applied is hydroponics with how to organize the plant in such a way on the walls, and also performed with special care as well as the automatic setting.

Hanging Garden

Creativity in designing a vertical garden is currently growing, giving rise to a new range of ideas that can be copied including the hanging garden.

This one method utilizes old bottles, sewer or various potted plants arranged or hung on the wall. In addition to cheaper in the making, this method is also easier to maintain.

Roof Garden

Another way to bring green space in the restricted area was to apply the rooftop garden, which is a technique to plant on the roof of the house or patio canopy / carport of the house.

Plants that can be used is a light plant species that are resistant to sunlight, is not rooted malignant and do not require much water.

The main thing to consider in making technique is the rooftop garden residual water drainage system watering.

Selection of Plants

Adjust the plants with the type and character of the park to be created. To park in the house, choose plants that can survive with minimal sun exposure, contrary to the park is open select plants that are resistant to exposure to sunlight.

Do with heart

Last Esya remind, learn and do techniques on how to care for plants properly, because ultimately the beautiful whether green space is determined by the quality of maintenance performed.

Plants are living things. Therefore, it takes patience and diligence in care

5 easy tricks to make the room a cheerful impression

Organizing a room easier and simpler if you know the tips and tricks. Good that you will arrange the room to shades of minimalist, masculine, or the feel cheerful.

Well for those of you who want to arrange the room to be more cheerful, here is how the feel pretty and pleasant on your room.

Viewed from the Reference Account Online Decorating

If you still do not get the idea to organize your home, try to take advantage of the virtual world by looking decor online account at Pinterest and Instagram. With emphasis on information about the decor, from the color, furniture to accessories can enrich your knowledge about the cheerful decor like what you want to present in your room.

Furniture Maximize Existing preemptively

If you have found an idea for a cheerful decor in your room, the next step is to select the furniture. Maximize existing furniture in advance to make improvements. You can recycle your furniture, such as changing the color of the paint.

Bookshelf Not just for Putting Books

If you want a more unique concept to bring the feel cheerful on your room, put a few small pieces of flowers on the sidelines of the bookcase. In addition you can also add small toys such as dinosaurs or Robot-robotan on the sidelines of a book.

Add Plant’s Green Corner Room

If the room you are an empty corner try to give you the green plants to make the room more fresh. You also can put on a pot of green plants hanging from the wall.

Accessories Worth to cite Art Decoration

In the final touches you can provide valuable accessories in your room art such as sculptures, paintings, posters, picture frames and other accessories. Choose items that are fun and interesting because it can give the impression of a cheerful on your room.

Easy Tips for Home Makeovers

A number of people may want a home that looks better without spending a lot of time and money. While some improvement projects may be costly, such as renovating a bathroom or kitchen, there are easy tips that can improve a room. Each tip can be done with people who are on a tight budget.

Décor and Walls

Wall décor is a necessity in many homes. One of the beauties of wall décor is that there is quite a wide variety of options that are available. While art galleries may feature priceless works of art, a home can be quite fashionable on a limited budget. Keep in mind that discount retailers oftentimes feature prints of famous works of art at an incredible price. Furthermore, many prints are already in nice frames. If homeowners are looking for a unique type of décor, a great place to visit can be a secondhand store. Many people are amazed at what they can find at a secondhand store. Prices can be quite affordable, and it can be an inexpensive way to redecorate walls with works of art that can be replaced quite cheaply. Some people prefer to invest in signage in order to highlight a phrase or an idea. Whether it is time to invest in custom carved wooden signs or ones found at a discount store, great signs and wall décor are ready to be purchased.

Fresh Paint

Another great way to change the look of a room is to paint it. Whether it is time to bathe a room in a warm red or a bright blue, numerous color options can improve any room. A darker color can provide a room with warmth. A room that does not receive much light can be better if it is painted with a lighter color. A can or a few cans of paint combined with a few paint rollers can complete transform the look of a room within a few hours. While people may not like the final product, they can always paint the room a new color.

Although it may seem like an impossible task to transform the look of a room, it does not have to be very difficult. A new coat of paint and new wall décor can be just enough to make a room look fantastic. Be sure to make a plan and follow it closely.