May 2016 archive

May 28

3 This is the latest interior design trends

interior design

Interior design trends continue to change over time. Do not stop at the color scheme or a particular element, the designers constantly innovating recent work is admired by a broad audience. Welcome spring in New York, designer Kerrie Kelly gave a little glimpse of the three latest design trends that might inspire you. For some …

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May 21

4 Make these preparations before building a house

building a house

In addition to renting or buying a home, some people prefer to build their own dream home. Armed with a piece of land and home design imagination to be realized, you can save money instead of buying a house by way of installments. However, due to budget costs are relatively difficult to predict, you must …

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May 15

Tricks to make a green open space in the narrow house

sunroom design

The limited area of ​​land should not be an obstacle to be able to have a green open space in the house. The presence of open space in the shelter is like an oasis because it serves to keep the air circulation remains good so the temperature in the house remains comfortable. In addition, the …

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May 09

5 easy tricks to make the room a cheerful impression

room cheerful

Organizing a room easier and simpler if you know the tips and tricks. Good that you will arrange the room to shades of minimalist, masculine, or the feel cheerful. Well for those of you who want to arrange the room to be more cheerful, here is how the feel pretty and pleasant on your room. …

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May 03

Easy Tips for Home Makeovers

wood sign

A number of people may want a home that looks better without spending a lot of time and money. While some improvement projects may be costly, such as renovating a bathroom or kitchen, there are easy tips that can improve a room. Each tip can be done with people who are on a tight budget. …

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