Renting a Portable Air Conditioner When The Family Visits

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The holidays are fast approaching, and it’s time to start preparing for the annual visit from family. This can be a nice visit, but if you’ve got people coming in from an area with a vastly different climate than what you get in Columbia in winter, the temperature in the house can become an issue. You’re acclimated to the South’s occasionally warm weather in winter, but someone who is coming in from a colder climate might end up feeling much too hot. But instead of turning on the air conditioner and making it pointlessly cold in the house for you, look into portable air conditioner rental in Columbia, SC. That could solve a lot of problems and let you have a nicer visit.

Record-Breaking Heat

Columbia isn’t immune to hot winters. In fact, at the end of 2015, the area saw temperatures in the 70s and 80s. For a visiting family member used to much colder temperatures in, say, Minnesota, warmer temperatures like that can be an uncomfortable shock.

But turning on the regular air conditioner might not be the answer, at least not all the time. In the middle of a hot day, it might be, but as the day cools down, you might find the temperatures fine, but your visiting family could be complaining. For them, a portable air conditioner in their room might be a suitable option. They can keep their room cooler than the rest of the house; you’d just need to remember to secure the window so that the vent stays in place and there are no other security issues.

Why Rent and Not Buy?

Renting the air conditioner is better because you’ll need it for only a short time. Buying a good portable air conditioner unit can run into the hundreds of dollars. Renting is much more affordable if you’re not going to need the air conditioner for more than that short time.

Check with your family to see if they’ll need special arrangements given the unpredictability of the temperatures in Columbia. Rent the air conditioner early on as supplies can run out fast if there’s another heat wave that catches people unaware.

Safety Training Help Employees Safety and Health at the Workplace


There are various health and safety hazards in the workplace. Safety training can help employees become aware of the safety and health hazards at the workplace so that they can prevent accidents and other harmful incidents.


There are several types of safety training courses including general and industry-specific. General courses include first aid training while the latter include arc flash safety training, electrical current safety, and respiratory disease screening. Safety training courses in many ways including online training, web-based seminars, and classroom sessions.


Safety training is considered a legal requirement that helps organizations remain compliant with government regulations. Failure to comply with safety training regulations may attract severe punishments including fines and jail terms. Safety training provides employees with the perception that their safety and security are protected. It also helps to motivate employees, which enhances productivity. In addition, safety training helps to reduce the rate of accidents in the workplace, which helps to reduce employee absenteeism and healthcare costs.

OSHA Regulations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), provides a list of rules and guidelines for workplace safety based on industry and job function. In addition, it provides training materials and resources in occupational safety and health for businesses in the U.S. OSHA carries out over 40,000 inspections each year. Research indicates that job-related deaths and injuries have decreased significantly since OSHA was established.

Important Factors to Consider

Organizations are required not only to offer safety training courses (both general and industry-specific), but to also to provide formal documentation as proof of compliance with OSHA’s rules and regulations. This helps them avoid court cases and punishments in form of fines. These documents also help organizations determine the amount of training that their employees require so that they can plan and budget for the training.

Employees often come and go. People often forget and may need to be reminded about certain issues regularly. As technology keeps advancing and organizations and job duties keep changing, safety training becomes an essential part of organizational efficiency and operations. Many organizations hire trained professionals to provide safety training while others use their current employees to train the new ones, which is quite risky. Safety training requires expertise and many employee-to-employee safety-training programs lack the expert factor.

Create an Attractive Fireplace


If you are fortunate enough to have a fireplace in your home, then you will want to make it look attractive. Rather than buying modern equipment for a fireplace, choose vintage fireplace tools. When you want to have a retro decor in your home, it is a good plan to shop at an exclusive store that sells vintage goods. Having a good fire burning in a fireplace is essential on a cold and snowy day, and to keep the logs in the proper position along with keeping sparks off of your home’s flooring, you need to purchase the right equipment.

Choose a Sturdy Fireplace Poker

When you are shopping for fireplace tools, you need to look for a fire iron that is made of durable metal. With this device, you can move wood or coals to keep a fire burning longer and hotter. A fireplace poker needs to have an insulated handle that will not get hot as you use it in order to avoid a burned hand. A fireplace poker is traditionally made of iron because it is an inexpensive metal, but you can also find brass fire pokers that look more attractive sitting next to a fireplace.

Keep a Fireplace Clean With a Fire Shovel

In addition to a fire poker, you need to have a fire shovel. In many cases, this tool is made as part of a matching set, and you need it to remove ashes from a fireplace’s firebox after a fire is extinguished. A fire shovel is a small tool that is designed for scooping up the cool ashes from a fireplace to keep the firebox cleaner. By removing the ashes, your home is less likely to become covered with dirt from the fireplace, and it is safer to light a fire next time.

Make Sure To Buy Fireplace Tongs

Another great tool to have is fireplace tongs that are similar to a fireplace iron. However, with tongs, you can get a better grip on a piece of burning wood. With a fireplace poker, you can only push or pull at a burning log to reposition it in the firebox, but with fireplace tongs, you can move wood into a precise position to ensure that a fire burns optimally. Most homeowners like to have all of their fireplace tools next to the fireplace inside a decorative metal container.

Dream Kitchen Renovation Must-Haves

dream kitchen design
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It’s true, not everyone’s dream will be the same. However, your dream kitchen is sure to have some of the following features. Let’s take a look at some of the features you may want in your dream kitchen. Some of these will be time-honored favorites, and others will be cutting edge upgrades. Check this list of dream kitchen must-haves before you decide to renovate.

Granite or Quartz Countertops

Quartz and granite are favorite countertop materials, and with good reason. Found in high-end kitchens everywhere, both granite and quartz countertops come in a variety of stylish colors and patterns.

Large Island

There is a reason why every kitchen featured in a home design magazine includes a large island. The feature is a must-have in any dream kitchen. Not only does a generously sized island gives extra storage and counter space, but it also leaves you plenty of space to entertain.

Modern Open Floor Plan

Open living, dining, and kitchen entertainment areas are so popular these days that they are included in every new build. The days of a separate kitchen and living space are over as almost every new buyer desires a nice open floor plan.

Stylish Waterworks

New sinks are innovative and utilitarian in their design. Modern sinks are being developed every day that include fantastic features such as multilevel interiors, offset drains, and inset cutting boards. Dream kitchens may also include additional water features such as pot fillers or second sinks.

Custom Cabinets

Whether you are renovating a home in the Midwest with custom cabinets St Louis style or dreaming up a kitchen for a new luxury estate in New York, beautiful custom cabinetry is a must to create a kitchen that is perfectly in-tune with your personal taste and needs. An additional benefit of custom cabinets is the amount of personalization that can be dedicated to your kitchen storage solutions. By implementing cutting-edge organization, you can benefit from modern storage solutions such as roll-out shelving, magic corners, spice organizers, pull-out pantries, and trash or recycling organizers.

In addition to traditional cabinet solutions, consider adding features such as a walk-in pantry or oversized cabinet drawers for additional storage. After all, a dream kitchen should have every need covered.

Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel appliances should in included in any dream kitchen upgrades. When appliance shopping for your dream kitchen think about warming drawers, double ovens, gas stoves, industrial hoods, convection ovens, and wine refrigerators. Many contemporary kitchens create a wall for appliances. Look for appliances with an EnergyStar rating so that you can take advantage of energy savings down the road.