Example Small Apartment Design


Again we would like to share with you information about the design, the design information for today will we share is a small apartment design. Who knows only among you are looking for an interior design for your apartment that is small in size, there is no harm if you try to view the first information design that today we will serve. Goods time only you will find the apartment design today will we give, so it doesn’t hurt when you try to view the first few designs today we will provide.

Small Apartment Interior


For the design of the first apartment that we provide has a modern concept, because the use of the property in the apartment is a modern property that uses as well as the simple color selection makes this apartment look modern. Coupled with the decor in this room also remains concerned with the side functions, so despite the small size of this apartment, you will still be able to get all the room you need.

Interior design for small apartment


As for the next design that we provide has a more minimalist concept, where the color selection at this apartment looks softer. However, in this apartment is also still a little visible modern impression, it can be seen from the use of the property in the apartment. However for the arrangement of property in this area is laid out into one row, which has the separator in this room is only found in the bathroom only.

Small apartment design


The next apartment design presented above was designed with a very small size of the room, where a place to sleep and also watching tv into one. And for the kitchen and bathroom, there is also on the side of the bed with a very small space, and even though it has a small size. You still get the main function of these apartments, because all the rooms generally exist at this apartment still persists.