Best Bathroom Floor Motif

Looking for bathroom floor for your home? The selection of the right bathroom floor not only makes the activity of bathing increasingly engrossed but also had the effect of influential interior towards the bathroom appearance overall. Here we will discuss the motives of the bathroom floor the best option for you to use in your House!

1. Mosaic bathroom floor that makes the more Unique


One of the options the bathroom floor that is a mosaic floor with the look of a neutral and calm could create the perfect contrast and uniquely in the bathroom. Not sure with the combination of mosaic? Just select from the forms or play dual colors like black and white or blue and white. Guaranteed eye-catching!

2. The bathroom floor from wood

Use the elegant wooden motif ceramic and bathroom floors to warm yours. Not only look more vibrant, bathroom floors are also not vulnerable to a dirty bathroom floor that are predominantly white. For you who liked the style of the rustic, wooden motif ceramic could be the right choice!

3. Penny Tiles For bathroom floors are beautiful

Penny Tiles floor bathroom

Penny tiles are the motif of the bathroom floor and hexagonal-shaped small-sized. The motif of the bathroom floor is funny and pretty impressed because of the installation neat and regular, are also attracting attention. Try also the color combinations so that the bathroom floor making looks cool!

4. Diamond Tiles On The Bathroom Floor Of House


Bored with the look of the square to the bathroom floor in the House? Easy! Simply ask the same ceramic floor installation but in the diamond motif tiles that stole the attention. Starting from color, size, and the combination of shades you can apply for a bathroom floor.

5. The bathroom floor Herringbone Motif

Herringbone floor bathroom

Often also called the zig-zag motifs, the bathroom floor can make you choice herringbone if you want variation in the appearance of the bathroom floor other than others. In addition, this pattern also fits applied to almost all interior design.

6. A unique Woven Motifs

Woven Motifs

Trend bathroom floors with motifs similar to woven baskets have started to hit the country’s West. It’s time you tried the inspiration for this unique bathroom floors in the House because Kania patterned bathroom floor sure beautiful is still rare.

7. A combination of Traditional Motifs In Tiled bathroom floor Beautiful

Traditional Motifs floor bathroom

Enjoy the thrill of difference in your bathroom with a bathroom floor got motive times first. The combination of the bathroom floor tiled with gorgeous like the example above could give different nuance compared to the bathroom floor on average.


8. The bathroom floor Gorgeous Bamboo Motif

Bamboo floor bathroom motif

Ceramic tile bathroom floor with bamboo motif is not a new trend but still had a place in the hearts of being excellent and beautiful flooring. The flat shape with different colors of the strokes, the bathroom floor bamboo motif is an alternative style stylish bathrooms at the same time functional.


9. The bathroom floor Granite With a touch of Classic

Granite bathroom floor

Bathroom floor type granite also provides lots of interesting color and style variations. Types of bathroom floor from this granite give the impression of luxury and classy with a higher price, but also carries the hallmarks of such long-lasting due to the pore-less and not easily dull.

10. Warm bathroom floor With Rubber Laminating


The bathroom floor with rubber coating is apt to use for bathrooms due to its warm, not slippery and easy to clean. Typically, this type of floor coatings has a glossy surface and a bit tender.

Great selection of bathroom floor that you can choose? In addition to adjusting to the interior design of the room, don’t forget to consider the benefits in accordance with your need. Do not hesitate to ask for the help of professional interior design services to determine the right flooring!