Knowing and Making Sunroom

A sunroom is an additional room which is used for sunbathing in the house or simply to enjoy the view around the house without fear of rain or excessive heat.

A sunroom can also serve the sundeck at the same multi functional conservatory or glass veranda. Conservatories are indoor green space, while enjoying the sun you can also enjoy beautiful plants. Glass sunroom porch while at the same time can function as a place to receive guests or banquets relaxed.

The sunroom can be created in a separate area of ​​the terrace or in a special land. On the terrace usually are half-open sunroom complete with large windows in the vicinity. For those of you who are interested to have a sunroom at home, consider first the following tips!

Selection Furniture

If you want to create the impression of a natural, use the wicker furniture made of bamboo or rattan. Make sure that you understand how to care for furniture that one can survive long.

To create a more modern atmosphere, use a plastic or vinyl furniture material then add a cushion with attractive colors on the seats.


Complete sunroom with plants. The presence of the plant will make the sunroom to be more fresh, bright, and beautify the atmosphere. To be more colorful, place plants that have bright colors.

Material Glass

A sunroom is intended as a space for sunbathing, for that use quality anti-UV glass such as window film to prevent evil sunlight strike the skin when sunbathing.

First in the World, Swimming Pool Transparent and Floating

Innovative architectural design always make anyone fascinated. This time, the developer Ballymore and Eco World will build a swimming pool transparent floating in space. The swimming pool will be connecting two apartment buildings Nine Elms in London, England.

Referred to as the “Sky Pool”, the swimming pool was immediately stole the attention of the world because it is the first floating swimming pool in the sky like that. This is an innovative design that amaze the world of architecture and construction.

Materials will use a swimming pool 20 centimeters thick transparent glass so that the pool will be secure and not easily broken. Anyone swimming in the pool will be a thrilling sensation as like hovering over the city of London.

Developers targeting the pool at the same apartment project Sky Pool can be completed in 2018. But unfortunately, the swimming pool is not open to the public and should only be used for the residents of the apartment alone.

Details sizes Sky Pool Sky Pool was built on the top floor of the two buildings Nine Elms above an altitude of about 35 meters. Length of 25 meters by 5 meters wide and 3 meters depth where the water depth of 1.2 meters.

Inspiration: Changing Tires Being Used Furniture Home

Whether in your home there is a bicycle tire, motorcycle or a car that is no longer in use? If there is, it should not be discarded as scrap tires can be used again for home decor.

Instead of useless and discarded into a waste that pollute the environment, it is better to change old tires into useful furniture home. Calculated you can participate in the movement of protecting the environment by recycling used goods.

But if you are in doubt, then let’s see how someone changed inspiration scrap tires into a unique home decor follows. In addition, you do not need to worry if your house look cheap, as though coming from used tires, but the results are still interesting.

1. Seating

Change the old tires into a unique seating. So that the center can be occupied and feels soft, you can seal with foam then you knit all parts of the tire with a strong yarn or sisal fibers to make it look more beautiful.

2. Tables

Quite easily create a table of used tires. You just paint the tire with your favorite colors to make it look nicer then place the glass on top of it as a flat surface. Table used tires were already ready for use.

3. Swing

Used tires can also be made into a swing. You can retain its spherical shape or could be cut in half.

4. Pot Plants

Used tires can be used as a potted plant or flower growing media interest. Make it too easy. You can paint the tires beforehand with your favorite color or knit outer surface. Then you can place it inside or outside the home, either by standing or hanging.

Tricks Make Fence More Beautiful, Free Rust!

In addition to making your home more attractive, giving special attention to the fence actually has another advantage. Make more beautiful fence, means eliminating rust.

Rust that usually give the appearance of unattractive on the fence is also a major cause damage to the iron fence. Here is the process of painting a rusty fence that you can do yourself at the weekend.

Use sandpaper to sand totaled moderate (medium-grit) to rub the surface of the metal and remove rust. Emery also effectively get rid of paint that was peeling. In the parts that are difficult to clean, use a wire brush.

Once you feel pretty, clean the remnants emery cloth. Then, start preparing the process of painting.

Provide a newspaper in the bottom of the fence of capturing the droplets of paint. In addition, use painter’s tape to protect the walls or other parts that are not exposed to the paint.

Then, apply a spray or stainless on the fence. Wait until the stainless dry. Make sure you read the instructions on the stainless.

You can also use a paint containing stainless steel. Besides as a primer coat of paint also became a top coat or paint finish specially formulated in one package.

However, if you choose a stainless special paint, wait until dry, use a new exterior paint. Start from the top and slowly, until the bottom of the paint.

Do not forget, block or close the first area around the fence so that no one accidentally damaging your paint results. Take away the cover and painter’s tape if the paint is dry.

As a side note, make sure you hold the spray paint properly and provide sufficient distance between the spray and the fence. This ensures that the paint does not accumulate and drip.

How to Design Roof Carport Beautiful for Your Car

Carport beautiful course of action add your home more attractive and eye cathching. Usually carport design consists of the floor, wall, roof retaining structures, and the framework of the roof covering. How to design a carport to look beautiful and functional foods?

carport design

Carport Roof Structure

There are several carport roof structure that you can apply on your carport at home, some of which are as follows.

Stand Alone

Is a stand-alone structure of the roof structure that stands alone and is supported by four main points. The columns cantilever can be made from wood material, metal, concrete, steel or a combination of some of the material. Carport visual display using this structure accordance with carport design.

sticking Some

Carport design is close to the main building is unique. Namely the roof frame can be attached to most of the main buildings house. This way you can save. Only with the support of two points then your carport is quite solid and beautiful. Exterior facade carport you can customize with existing home design.

Carport roof

Choosing a carport roof design is often made dizzy. Not only the beautiful shape, but you also need to pay attention to the function of the carport beautiful. Shape not guarantee the carport will be protected from rain water seepage. Sometimes if a permanent roofed carport underneath it becomes dark and damp.

But, now you do not have to worry anymore. There is a carport roof designed specifically to address the problem.

The main structure in this beautiful carport is the type of channel steel and covered with glass on top. To beautify the bottom of the carport roof covered with gypsum board. At the center of the holes created a truly transparent forwarding of sunlight.

If you see this carport roof during the day, then you will see that the carport built to refract sunlight throughout the existing floor below.

By combining the concept of the carport roof structure in accordance with the design of your home, as well as the design of the roof of the carport that can refract sunlight, undoubtedly visual appearance and function of your beautiful carport will be realized.

How to Search For Home Design Inspiration

Building a dream home with a distinctive style that is beautiful is the hope of every prospective home builders, we often find a house built with expensive price was only produce architectural models of buildings that look mediocre or even standard results imitating existing home. the question is how to get the best house model? this can be done by finding the best home design inspiration before conducting the planning and implementation of housing development.


  • For architects or those who have the talent to realize the imagination in the form of images, the process of finding inspiration can be done by imagining a beautiful shape and then draw it.
  • The roads to the neighborhood or village that is rich in diversity of forms of home design, perhaps to find the best shape and then try to modify the design to get the best.
  • Using a search engine photos or pictures on the internet, a lot of the work of architect drawings or photographs scattered houses in the internet world.
  • Working closely with Architects home or home design online service providers on the internet, there we can provide design data and a list of expectations regarding models dream house, then those expectations will be realized in the form of an architect design drawing dream home.
  • See the standard traditional house then build exactly the same as the existing or add a bit of polish that can be realized uniquely attractive home.
  • If we ever dreamed of seeing a beautiful home form then there is no harm in trying to recall the details of the shape of the building that we see the world of dreams, change into the form of an image and build a house exactly as he had seen in a dream world.
  • Watch movies or videos that often featuring background building, there may be an inspiration to innovate in design form home.
  • Snooping on animals or plants, for example, create a home that is similar to a snail’s body, making the house like a nest of ants and the like.
  • Mimic the shape of small objects or furniture and create into great shape in the form of unique and beautiful buildings.

Design Inspiration best house is one hundred percent pure of mind or personal delusion that appears satisfaction when successfully realize the chimera into the form of a house in the real world, all you need is tranquility and want to try to learn a picture of the building so as to create home designs best, congratulations creativity and inspiration to realize the favorite house models