How to Search For Home Design Inspiration

Building a dream home with a distinctive style that is beautiful is the hope of every prospective home builders, we often find a house built with expensive price was only produce architectural models of buildings that look mediocre or even standard results imitating existing home. the question is how to get the best house model? this can be done by finding the best home design inspiration before conducting the planning and implementation of housing development.


  • For architects or those who have the talent to realize the imagination in the form of images, the process of finding inspiration can be done by imagining a beautiful shape and then draw it.
  • The roads to the neighborhood or village that is rich in diversity of forms of home design, perhaps to find the best shape and then try to modify the design to get the best.
  • Using a search engine photos or pictures on the internet, a lot of the work of architect drawings or photographs scattered houses in the internet world.
  • Working closely with Architects home or home design online service providers on the internet, there we can provide design data and a list of expectations regarding models dream house, then those expectations will be realized in the form of an architect design drawing dream home.
  • See the standard traditional house then build exactly the same as the existing or add a bit of polish that can be realized uniquely attractive home.
  • If we ever dreamed of seeing a beautiful home form then there is no harm in trying to recall the details of the shape of the building that we see the world of dreams, change into the form of an image and build a house exactly as he had seen in a dream world.
  • Watch movies or videos that often featuring background building, there may be an inspiration to innovate in design form home.
  • Snooping on animals or plants, for example, create a home that is similar to a snail’s body, making the house like a nest of ants and the like.
  • Mimic the shape of small objects or furniture and create into great shape in the form of unique and beautiful buildings.

Design Inspiration best house is one hundred percent pure of mind or personal delusion that appears satisfaction when successfully realize the chimera into the form of a house in the real world, all you need is tranquility and want to try to learn a picture of the building so as to create home designs best, congratulations creativity and inspiration to realize the favorite house models

10 Simple Tips For Your Home Always Clean

Being a worker of today is not easy because it is not uncommon to have to leave early to go home late at night after work. Of the many activities such as taking a child to school, go to work, sports, and so forth, house cleaning activities often become the ultimate priority. Actually, no matter how busy we are, we can do it – simple but striking things to make our homes are kept clean and tidy – and it only takes a few minutes per day!

  • 15 minutes. Every evening, take about 15 minutes to clean the house. When we do this, you go to bed and woke up with a home that is clean condition. The good news, it can lower your stress level!
  • Use a timer. This method can be combined by means of number 1. Set the timer when the start goes wrong – wrong, and when the alarm starts beeping, stop doing something wrong – wrong. Do not worry if you are not done wrong – wrong. If you start to get used to, you can accomplishing this job duration faster.
  • Do not put things carelessly. It is very easy to put the goods – goods in any place, but do not let this happen. When we’ve done something with the goods – certain goods immediately put the item in its proper place.
  • Focus on one task only. If you do not have time for 15 minutes for wrong – wrong, focus on the most important things that must be done right away. Select one of the areas in the home, such as a kitchen, bedroom, or living room, focus on one of the room and do not worry about the other part.
  • Create a storage area for each item. This will make the home become more organized and this will make our home more tidy and uncluttered.
  • Involve family. For example, involve our children to clean up their own toys scattered on the floor or assign them to clean their own rooms. Plus value, our children will learn to be responsible and help their parents in homework
  • Wise in doing multitasking. Know our limits. Maybe you can fold the clothes and help your child with their math homework. However, cook dinner once tidy bedrooms certainly not a job that can be done simultaneously, and it will make you even bother. (Food becomes charred when you make the beds, it could be)
  • Do laundry every day. The laundry is a thing that is always there every day and will continue to grow if not taken care of. By doing laundry every day, ready to wear clean clothes will always be there and we do not have to worry about clothes.
  • Buy a vacuum cleaner. Because the vacuum cleaner uses less power than using more conventional broom.

Nothing is perfect. No need to worry if we do not look perfect home. Because only we who know and can feel the comfort of the house we live

The Function of The Park in Front of The House

The function of the park in front of the house but can beautify page there are also some other uses that is believed to add to the comfort of the home inhabit, what are the uses? of course very much at all, therefore, let us discuss here. previously created first few answer can perhaps be the answer to this question.


The function of the park in front of the house

  • Beautify the home page, various forms of ornamental plants with colorful blooming flowers can be a means to beautify the exterior of the residence.
  • As rain water catchment areas so they can get into the soil, this way we can go down a role in green building programs, as well as efforts to address the flooding that recently hit the big city often build damage the surrounding natural environment.
  • Refreshing the mind of fatigue when home from work activities.
  • Channeling hobby for those who like farming house or yard.
  • As a home-based business for those who want to do business selling ornamental plants.
  • As a means of children’s play house or yard.
  • Complementary architectural model homes, some form of residential houses it does not complete if it does not add to the variation model of ornamental plants in the yard.
  • As a supplier of clean and fresh air into the house, we know that plants can produce oxygen during the day the indispensable man to breathe.
  • To keep the fish in the pond that placed the garden house.

Similarly, some use a garden in front of the house, the garden can also be made in addition to, behind or even inside the house.

Know the Benefits of Anti upholstery Leaks For Your Property

Enjoying rain in the warmth of the house with all the relatives is actually fun. Only, when the construction of the house began in trouble, you face the possibility of leakage. Do not let that happen.

From now on, make sure your home leak-proof, one way to install waterproof (water coating). Not only serves as a deterrent to seep water from the ceiling, waterproof also can dispel water seepage in the wall.

Here are a variety of commercially available waterproof.

In general, there are two types of waterproof on the market, namely the type of membrane and coating. Both of these types each have specifications, advantages, and disadvantages.

Waterproof membrane manifold has a sheet form. In fact, some are sold in rolls. Both sheets or rolls, you will find surface subtle, layered sand, and “waterproofing granule” with stone-paved surface.

When viewed from the material manufacturer, you will find water fiber coating consists of only one layer. Because only one layer, the water-retaining this type is relatively easy to tear. Meanwhile, some are made from polyester. Compared with fiber, this type of relatively stronger.

Installation waterproof membrane can be applied to the surface of the leak by means of heated, treated beforehand with a layer of adhesive, or even just stay attached. Some kind of already have an adhesive.

In addition to various membranes, there is also a kind of “coating”. Like the term penyebutannya, anti-water is a coating that has a method similar to the method of application of paint application. The difference is, if the paint is only divided into two types, namely paint “indoor” and paint “outdoor”, anti-water has three types.

The first type of water-based, the second type of cement-based, while the third type based solvent. Water-based coatings do not require preparation or mixing materials. Homeowners can be directly used on the surface of the leak.

In contrast to the anti-water, water-based practical, two other types require more effort. For example, “waterproof” based on cement. Such coatings are generally sold in a package containing a liquid solution and powder. Before use, the material must first be mixed.

The last type, that is “waterproof” based solvent, mixing ingredients that require kerosene. Generally, “waterproof” is called the “flinkute”.

Before selecting the type of water-proof coating for your home, first of all, make sure the type of case leakage. At best type of coating you choose, if it does not match the situation on the ground, would not be able to resolve the problem.

Tips to Make Minimalist House Terrace

Home is a place where you will spend your time with your family. The house would need to be made as comfortable as possible so that residents feel welcome to stay there and the guests were comfortable when visiting your home. Currently being widely promoted minimalist trend to a form of house building. Have you tried to make your home look minimalist? What exactly is the minimalist concept.

Terrace home

Minimalism, as the name implies is to minimize the furniture and design. The minimalist design looks simple but elegant, so it will be suitable for those of you who want your home look nice though simple. Minimalism can be applied to almost all parts of the house. One is a minimalist house porch. Terrace minimalist home can be a solution for those of you who want your patio look nice and attractive.

Applications Minimalist Terrace Houses in Your Home

The terrace can be regarded as the main view of our house. The terrace is a place that can make a home look more attractive. Patio can serve as a living room or a place to relax with family. Application terrace minimalist home can be done in your home not only on the front porch. It is generally located on the front porch, but the application minimalist terrace house you can apply on the side porch, front, or back porch. Make minimalist terrace house requiring alignment with the building of the house itself. In making dio minimalist terrace house your home, you should pay attention to the design to the selection of materials used. Align with the function of the terrace because usually the front porch, side, and rear have different functions.

Make Minimalist House Terrace

In making minimalist terrace house, the first thing you should think about is the color combination. Combine colors would you choose whether or ceramic wall paint color of your home and furniture that you will use. As a suggestion for a minimalist house terrace you can choose black and white or gray. If you are interested you can even use a natural stone patio that will beautify your home and make a terrace minimalist seem very cool. Customizing design house terrace with a land size is also important so that you can take into account the cost and also functions well from the terrace.

Repeat Wall Paint Your House

Want to change the atmosphere of the house? One way is to do a re-paint the walls of the house. Steps to repaint not just polish the paint directly on the walls of the house. There are several steps in order to paint stick well and produce the perfect look.

In general, the thing to do when going to repaint is preparing to be worthy painted wall, followed by a coat of primer on the walls and painting. Here are the steps repainting the walls:

home colors

Decide on Paint Color

Determine the color of paint for the room. Diversity of colors may confuse you make a decision. For assistance, you can discussion with family or consult with the designer.

The selected color should remain in harmony with the existing furniture. The goal is that the paint colors are not contradictory and seem tacky.

Protect Furniture

So that the furniture is not exposed to splash or drip paint, move furniture to a safe place. If the furniture is too big or not allowed to be moved, cover the furniture with plastic or newspaper. If you use a parquet floor, do not forget to cover it because the paint can be pervasive and difficult to clean.

Peeled Paint Old

Old paint should be peeled so that the new paint stick and produce good color. Especially if the old paint was peeling. For maximum results, peeled paint to cement acian layer visible.

Check and Fix Wall

Before you start painting, you should check the condition of the wall. Among other things checked by measuring moisture wall, preferably moist walls of low value. Another thing to check whether there is seepage on the walls, crevices, cracks or nail prints.

If the condition is not ideal as the example above, fix the wall before you start painting. For a damp wall and permeable, can be searched out the cause and repair. If there are cracks or nail marks, should be patched first so flat wall. To repair cracks or fissures can be used wall filler wall, putty or mortar acian. If the patch feels less glue, you can widen the cracks and fill with material fillings earlier. After drying, smooth with sandpaper.

Clean walls

Clean the wall of dirt or mildew that new paint can stick perfectly. Mushrooms can be cleaned by peeled and given anti-fungal coating.

Cover with Base coat

Priming the commonly used is to coat the wall sealer. Its function is to make the new paint can stick perfectly to the wall or the old paint is still attached.

If the surface of the wall has been pared to look acian cement, suitable priming is priming alkaline resisting. What is meant by alkali cement is a kind of salt water from the mortar that has not dried completely. The reaction caused when the paint meets with alkali is paint will be difficult to stick to, so in some old paint so bubbling, peeling or loss.

The purpose overlaid alkali resisting is that the paint is not directly in contact with the cement. The application of primer is also useful for the desired color appears perfect. Priming should not be mixed with diluent.

Cover with First Layer

Before the first coat with paint, make sure the primer has dried perfectly. For the first layer, paint mixed with a diluent with a share of 5% -20%. As a diluent, can use thinner or water.

Cover with a layer of the Second

Repeat the painting after the first coat of paint to dry. The goal in order to get the appropriate color and perfect. The second layer of paint thinners also remain mixed with an equal portion (5-20%).