5 How to organize an elegant ceramic wall

There are many ways to organize ceramics on the wall to make it look elegant and classy. Starting from a model brick, stacked, mosaic, and so forth. In this review, we invite you to look around some examples of ceramic wall arrangement as abstracted from Houzz. Expected by reading this review you get inspiration on how to design ceramic wall in your home.


This is a classic look that is widely used in homes. Not difficult to arrange ceramic brick models horizontally. This will give the impression of your home. Rectangular ceramic is the best choice for this style. The thing to remember, you have to get ready to cut if you want to install ceramic tile in the area of ​​the tip or corner. Try to install ceramic white with gray grout, would certainly look classy.


Choosing a brick pattern oriented vertically but does reduce the effect of the room loose, but stressed height space. It also adds a contemporary touch but still classic, with nuances that are not too trendy. This pattern is suitable to be applied in the toilet and bathroom.

Large brick

The size of the tiles that are sold are diverse, you can choose ceramic oversized or large size. Believe me, the size can give different effects. This pattern helps minimize the visual impact of the grout, which allows the ceramic has a smoother appearance.


This is the simplest layout. In a stacked pattern, ceramic aligned to form a grid benthic repeated. This results in a modern look that fits perfectly to the shape of a clean and sharp angles, and play with organic shapes of exotic woods.


The word “mosaic” may bring to mind the complex shapes. In terms of design, the arrangement of each ceramic mosaic is in the form of repeated small size (or a set of specific forms). Very common example is a ceramic 1 inch square, although there are also other shapes and patterns, such as triangles.

How to Choose the house floor coverings

Floor Coverings home is an important element for the comfort and beauty of a dwelling house, house floor can reflect the personality and bring a certain nuance in a room.

floor covering

Things that are usually considered in choosing how to cover the floor will include:

  • Color floor
  • Floors
  • Type of flooring material
  • Material price floor
  • Availability of materials
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Condition of the floor to be installed

Material Selection house floor coverings there are many alternatives that can be used, among others:

  • Ceramic floor
  • Granite floor
  • Marble floors
  • Floor Screed finish aci
  • Compacted ground floor
  • floor Carpet
  • Parquet flooring (wood pattern)
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Cast concrete floor
  • Floor steel profiles
  • Brick floor
  • Natural stone flooring
  • Plastic floor
  • Floor paving blocks

In addition to the above-mentioned flooring material of course there are many more other types either existing or recent discoveries result of technological development.

Various flooring material has advantages and disadvantages of each in accordance with the needs and atmosphere are shown in a room, for example, a nature-themed house would be better if you use a natural stone floor coverings, compacted dirt floor, parquet flooring wood motif. while at home with a modern theme would be better to use ceramic floor coverings, granite, marble and the like.

in addition to considering aspects of beauty, floor coverings also must consider in terms of ease of maintenance and cleaning, for example in areas outside the home would be better to use a floor covering material that is resistant to water for example paving block, cast concrete etc. while in the area of the house can use a floor covering material of the type of ceramic, granite, marble etc.

after successfully selecting flooring material that will be used the next step is to determine whether the material will be installed in a standard position or with certain patterns in the form of one type of material and the incorporation of several types of material into a single entity, in this matter the pattern of the floor should be used in areas public or crowded in order to give the feel of the spirit or the crowd, while in certain areas such as bedrooms, study room which needs peace then it is better fitted without motive so that the resulting atmosphere of calm and cool.

Causes of Home Renovation Costs Swell

Home renovation work may require high costs above estimates if not planned and executed well, some things can cause swollen home renovation costs, therefore we will try to dig up some of the problems that can be searched right steps to anticipate. okay we just started to make a list of the following

home renovations

  • Does not make home renovations image as guidance, this can cause disassembly due to building work not as you wish, it is certainly not going to happen if any changes had do in the form of images.
  • Already made images and calculate RAB budget plan of the building but wrong in making the data prior to the renovation of existing homes, this can cause unexpected jobs such as demolition, the image can not be applied etc.
  • Not comparing some building materials that can be selected which have the best quality and cheapest price.
  • Not using a professional builder to be a long process of implementation and the results are not good.
  • Natural disasters, whether it’s a flood, earthquake, fire or the other, causing swelling of the cost of implementation of home renovation.
  • Not dealing with construction permits before the renovation of the house, it can cause the building is sealed so it should stop the activity, consequently we have to give salaries to builders or all workers who are not productive.
  • Too much desire so hard to realize into the form of a building, for example, has been installing tile floor blue color but there are no other family members who do not agree, then asked to dismantle and replace with red color. this would require an additional fee.
  • Causes of course there are many others, so please examine it more closely.

That’s less than a few things that can cause swelling of the cost of remodeling the house, with the know then we can find the best solution so that the cost of repairing the house under control and do not exceed the budget that has been provided previously, so congratulations to renovate the house at a low price

Know the Benefits of Anti upholstery Leaks For Your Property

Enjoying rain in the warmth of the house with all the relatives is actually fun. Only, when the construction of the house began in trouble, you face the possibility of leakage. Do not let that happen.

From now on, make sure your home leak-proof, one way to install waterproof (water coating). Not only serves as a deterrent to seep water from the ceiling, waterproof also can dispel water seepage in the wall.

Here are a variety of commercially available waterproof.

In general, there are two types of waterproof on the market, namely the type of membrane and coating. Both of these types each have specifications, advantages, and disadvantages.

Waterproof membrane manifold has a sheet form. In fact, some are sold in rolls. Both sheets or rolls, you will find surface subtle, layered sand, and “waterproofing granule” with stone-paved surface.

When viewed from the material manufacturer, you will find water fiber coating consists of only one layer. Because only one layer, the water-retaining this type is relatively easy to tear. Meanwhile, some are made from polyester. Compared with fiber, this type of relatively stronger.

Installation waterproof membrane can be applied to the surface of the leak by means of heated, treated beforehand with a layer of adhesive, or even just stay attached. Some kind of already have an adhesive.

In addition to various membranes, there is also a kind of “coating”. Like the term penyebutannya, anti-water is a coating that has a method similar to the method of application of paint application. The difference is, if the paint is only divided into two types, namely paint “indoor” and paint “outdoor”, anti-water has three types.

The first type of water-based, the second type of cement-based, while the third type based solvent. Water-based coatings do not require preparation or mixing materials. Homeowners can be directly used on the surface of the leak.

In contrast to the anti-water, water-based practical, two other types require more effort. For example, “waterproof” based on cement. Such coatings are generally sold in a package containing a liquid solution and powder. Before use, the material must first be mixed.

The last type, that is “waterproof” based solvent, mixing ingredients that require kerosene. Generally, “waterproof” is called the “flinkute”.

Before selecting the type of water-proof coating for your home, first of all, make sure the type of case leakage. At best type of coating you choose, if it does not match the situation on the ground, would not be able to resolve the problem.

Steps and Design Concept Main Bedroom

Talking about the bedroom, the room is very privacy for each occupant. Perhaps the bedrooms has its own comfort, as well as personal secrets for the residents. To create a harmonious atmosphere, needs some maintenance and remodeling. The treatment can be applied through a design in accordance with the preferences of residents. What is the proper design for the master bedroom? Curious? Follow a few steps in designing a bedroom below.

main bedroom

Referred to as the master bedroom, where the daily room used by the owner to rest and do other activities in it. The room has several categories, one of the main room, maid’s room, and a special room. This time, we will discuss is the master bedroom.

How to make the master bedroom to be comfortable? As a first step in the design of the master bedroom, define the concept to be applied in the bedroom. As much as possible, a concept which will be applied to adjust to favorite
inhabitants for example, hobbies, or favorite characters.

After preparing a draft, proceed with staining. Staining can start with the selection of bright colors in the room includes room walls and floor of the room. With bright colors, will give the impression of a comfortable and harmonious in it.

Application of the wall can be done with put color with paint or wallpaper. After that, the floor can be infused color that corresponds to the bedroom wall. If the floor was already different colors, floors can be coated with a matching carpet. In addition, the carpet also has a warm impression in the room.

The selection of bedroom furniture, wardrobes choose to taste, not too wide to minimize the space in the room. In addition, the bed should also be adjusted in size. For how many people the bed. In addition to saving space, can also order room neat display.

Similarly simple steps master bedroom design, by following the above steps, the master bedroom is full of comfort will soon be reached. Hopefully the above could be a good reference and useful to readers. Good luck.

Tips to Make Minimalist House Terrace

Home is a place where you will spend your time with your family. The house would need to be made as comfortable as possible so that residents feel welcome to stay there and the guests were comfortable when visiting your home. Currently being widely promoted minimalist trend to a form of house building. Have you tried to make your home look minimalist? What exactly is the minimalist concept.

Terrace home

Minimalism, as the name implies is to minimize the furniture and design. The minimalist design looks simple but elegant, so it will be suitable for those of you who want your home look nice though simple. Minimalism can be applied to almost all parts of the house. One is a minimalist house porch. Terrace minimalist home can be a solution for those of you who want your patio look nice and attractive.

Applications Minimalist Terrace Houses in Your Home

The terrace can be regarded as the main view of our house. The terrace is a place that can make a home look more attractive. Patio can serve as a living room or a place to relax with family. Application terrace minimalist home can be done in your home not only on the front porch. It is generally located on the front porch, but the application minimalist terrace house you can apply on the side porch, front, or back porch. Make minimalist terrace house requiring alignment with the building of the house itself. In making dio minimalist terrace house your home, you should pay attention to the design to the selection of materials used. Align with the function of the terrace because usually the front porch, side, and rear have different functions.

Make Minimalist House Terrace

In making minimalist terrace house, the first thing you should think about is the color combination. Combine colors would you choose whether or ceramic wall paint color of your home and furniture that you will use. As a suggestion for a minimalist house terrace you can choose black and white or gray. If you are interested you can even use a natural stone patio that will beautify your home and make a terrace minimalist seem very cool. Customizing design house terrace with a land size is also important so that you can take into account the cost and also functions well from the terrace.