Practical Tips Choosing The Type Of Floor

Tips for choosing this type of flooring is very helpful when it comes time to renovate your home, homeowners generally focus on specific areas that require improvement. If your home has paint stains and chipped from the walls, then obviously you need to paint your interior. If the floor of your home using an old carpet or linoleum that blur, you’ve been interested in starting a new atmosphere with new flooring.

The problem? The choice of which very much and is not limited in terms of choosing the type of floor (wooden or tile either) makes us confused as to want to choose the kind of floor is what to wear. Therefore, we will help you determine the type of floor that is most in harmony with the interior design of your room.

Tips for choosing the type of flooring will we peeled completely on this day.

1. Wood flooring is the most popular choice in recent years, mainly in line with the development of minimalist house design. There is a great selection of styles and colors, including short boards, long boards and a mixture of styles and sizes. Using a simple floor can save you money because maintenance costs much less than the rug. Just simply sweep the dust and you can enjoy your floor. Wood flooring is also very durable and long-lasting, and not easy to crack or rupture if you happen to drop an item unexpectedly.

wood furniture

2. Ceramic tiles come in a choice of more than hardwood floors, and a selection of floor tiles are mostly used for the front entrance, bathroom, kitchen, and a laundry room. You can find various types of ceramics, from the institution of up to shiny white. Top grade tiles made of natural stone that gives the beauty in your home. Although it has a very long durability if used polished, natural stone flooring can crack and break if you use in a hot room exposed to sunlight or when something falls on it. Always make sure that Your natural stone flooring used in confined space and installed by professionals.


Tips on choosing the type of floor with a rug are the most common choice. You easily find the choice of flooring and use the rug in the homes of relatives or friends. The choice of motif and the size of the rug back to personal taste. Current trends using a long carpet.

Create an Attractive Fireplace


If you are fortunate enough to have a fireplace in your home, then you will want to make it look attractive. Rather than buying modern equipment for a fireplace, choose vintage fireplace tools. When you want to have a retro decor in your home, it is a good plan to shop at an exclusive store that sells vintage goods. Having a good fire burning in a fireplace is essential on a cold and snowy day, and to keep the logs in the proper position along with keeping sparks off of your home’s flooring, you need to purchase the right equipment.

Choose a Sturdy Fireplace Poker

When you are shopping for fireplace tools, you need to look for a fire iron that is made of durable metal. With this device, you can move wood or coals to keep a fire burning longer and hotter. A fireplace poker needs to have an insulated handle that will not get hot as you use it in order to avoid a burned hand. A fireplace poker is traditionally made of iron because it is an inexpensive metal, but you can also find brass fire pokers that look more attractive sitting next to a fireplace.

Keep a Fireplace Clean With a Fire Shovel

In addition to a fire poker, you need to have a fire shovel. In many cases, this tool is made as part of a matching set, and you need it to remove ashes from a fireplace’s firebox after a fire is extinguished. A fire shovel is a small tool that is designed for scooping up the cool ashes from a fireplace to keep the firebox cleaner. By removing the ashes, your home is less likely to become covered with dirt from the fireplace, and it is safer to light a fire next time.

Make Sure To Buy Fireplace Tongs

Another great tool to have is fireplace tongs that are similar to a fireplace iron. However, with tongs, you can get a better grip on a piece of burning wood. With a fireplace poker, you can only push or pull at a burning log to reposition it in the firebox, but with fireplace tongs, you can move wood into a precise position to ensure that a fire burns optimally. Most homeowners like to have all of their fireplace tools next to the fireplace inside a decorative metal container.

Bedroom Interior Design Comfortable To Rest

The bedroom is a room on the other did not change its function as a resting place to unwind after a long hard day. As a room that serves as a meeting place to rest bedroom should have the comfort that people are in it to feel comfortable in the room and can relax comfortably while in the room. To create a cozy feel of the course the need for interior design bedroom. The interior of the bedroom itself has a great influence in the comfort of not only comfort but also beauty.

In contrast to the interior in the other room. The interior design of the bedrooms have some differences of interior design in the room at home here are some explanations for bedroom interior design to make it more obvious difference:

room minimalist

1. The theme in the bedroom

Some people design their bedroom interior concept that you want to bring in the room and most of the people designing the interior of the bedroom more for comfort for the rest. In contrast to the design of the living room for example, are more likely to elegant design when in the living room.

2. Light

The distinguishing separate bedroom interior design used to have more than one lamp. The first lamp as a source of bright light in the room. Yet another is that the lights have dimmed light, the light is turned on when the main light in them die so that people can rest eyes during sleep.

3. Property

To design the interior of a comfortable bedroom property should be in the bedroom should be in accordance with the needs of the current owner in the bedroom just like a wardrobe and dressing table. Less precise eg input in the fridge in the bedroom despite having reason to be easy to take food from sleep.

4. Interior

The most important thing for the bedroom design is the arrangement of the properties in the interior of the room. Unfavorable arrangement will make the room look bad, crippled or even can create the impression of a mess in the room even though the place is clean.

3 This is the latest interior design trends

Interior design trends continue to change over time. Do not stop at the color scheme or a particular element, the designers constantly innovating recent work is admired by a broad audience.

Welcome spring in New York, designer Kerrie Kelly gave a little glimpse of the three latest design trends that might inspire you.

For some people, more home design has become part of the lifestyle. By accentuating the value of art inspired by the fashion and food, few people are willing to spend in the interior in order to realize the dream into his home.

How about you? No need to buy the exact same furniture, you can really cheat three major trends below.

Selection of optimal color and bright

Inspired by the latest fashion trend known as athleisure, see below room decorated of energetic colors and motifs are linked, a unique silhouette and quality furnishings. Athleisure style has become the style of choice for the urban active

Athleisure taken from the athletic (athletic) and leisure (leisure / relaxing). This style is perfect for those who like to exercise and busy working mothers, up to students and anyone who likes to work hard.

The interior design of this one being a favorite style that is now much in demand without putting a limit on the norms and gender.

One major aspect of this trend is the absence of limitations in choosing colors. The interior designer should choose colors that fit the tastes of the client. However, the selection of motifs and sporty silhouette should be a priority in the selection of furnishings.

For example, you can adapt the bright orange chairs as well as a medieval-style table lamp faded blue that has a groove firm and strong impression.

a feminine touch

Material given final touches plated nickel or copper color impression is a favorite choice for anyone who wants a touch of luxury and feminine.

Choose colors like pink gold, copper and warm white which gives the appearance prestige in every room. The color scheme also gives the impression of comfortable than metal furnishings.

To adopt a feminine touch in the room, you can apply it to lamps, furniture and accessories. With so soft and light impression can be felt in your home.

You can also combine luxurious materials such as marble stone at the dinner table and countertop.

For example, you can choose velvet pillowcase and accent chair with gold-colored copper material.

city life

Urban life was also inspired the latest interior design styles. Model of city life can be identified from the furnishings to the design maximum in order in the room size is minimal.

Display space is suitable for those users who care about health technologies. Generally applied to the middle class apartment in the city center.

The characteristics of the trend of “City Living” you can see from the selection of elegant modern furnishings. Such as dining tables, desks, lamp stand. Material selection can be seen from the graphic motif, recycled materials and finishes are slick.

Try to select a black floor lamp that looks a bit conservative and seat coffee shop (bar stool) were comfortable black.

Utilize The Space Under The Stairs

Building a house on land is limited or no hope inhabit big and spacious building then solution is every corner of the room needs to be optimized in terms of its use as well as utilize the space under the stairs, rather than be left empty then it would be better if transformed to enable for a particular room so that it can support activities family everyday. for example, functioned as a warehouse so that the items that are rarely used can be stored in the room, other examples are fish pond so they can maintain ornamental fish in the house. Here are some things that might be done to optimize the use of space under the stairs.


Alternative room under the stairs

Some rooms can be placed under the stairs with a setting designed so that fitting and can be used comfortably.

  • Warehouse space.
  • Bathroom / WC.
  • Fish pond with fountain ornament sound can be refreshing.
  • Garden.
  • Ironing room.
  • Area water reservoirs.
  • Playroom.
  • Study room.

Specific strategies that can be done so that the larger the room under the stairs is to elevate the minimum landing 2m tall so that we can still pass under safely, but still consider comfort to go up and down stairs is the width of the stairs are made of 30 cm and height 20 cm space made. so please do another innovation and congratulations creativity to maximize the use of the corner house which is frequently overlooked this

Kitchen Renovations Be More Perfect

Usually kitchen became one of the main planning in building a house. The kitchen is in need of protection and good planning. Today will share resources to make you have a lot of ideas in design.

Design is not just to create an impression of class and beauty, but also must have a function in its usefulness. Here are some pictures that can make you impressed. The following collections:

1. Edina

kitchen renovation 1

A housewife who is still working at the same woman this is a very suitable kitchen. Besides this kitchen is a table that allows you to still be able to access the computer to keep working even when you’re cooking.

2. Justice

kitchen renovation 2

This kitchen has a fairly masculine color, looks simple and elegant with the right lighting levels.

3. Minneapolis

kitchen renovation 3

From all office has an excellent utilization in terms of storage on the wall. Uniquely for accessing goods and any other items you put on, you can reach the stairs are located in the corner of this room. The use of brown color and the wood is very make this kitchen feel warm and comfortable.

4. Portland

kitchen renovation 4

The kitchen space is open kitchen space. Shape and placement of windows such as hallways wide enough in some areas can make it feel more spacious. The combination of color is very fitting with white and orange.

The kitchen is an important part if there is no kitchen, it’s not a house. Warmth given a kitchen can be created when the place is a gathering place for the family.