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Sep 09

Tips for Choosing Bedroom Wallpaper

design wallpaper bedroom

Wallpaper Bedroom, sleep is one of the most personal space of each individual. Why is that? Because each individual will spend more time indoors than in the other room that was in the house. The bedroom also often referred to as a second home for the residents. Therefore, how we are to create the atmosphere …

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Jul 20

Tips on Choosing Home Interior Minimalist


Minimalist house design is very suitable for those who have applied to the rhythm of activity is high enough and the like lifestyle very practical. Minimalist home design that is simple and practical all makes it easy for you when caring and cleaning. What’s more, minimalist home design can also save costs and become an …

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Jun 29

Steps and Design Concept Main Bedroom

main bedroom

Talking about the bedroom, the room is very privacy for each occupant. Perhaps the bedrooms has its own comfort, as well as personal secrets for the residents. To create a harmonious atmosphere, needs some maintenance and remodeling. The treatment can be applied through a design in accordance with the preferences of residents. What is the …

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May 20

Decorative Lighting Living Room Beauty

light for home

Decorative Lighting Living Room, In a dwelling that is able to protect its inhabitants from the dangers that threaten. Surely there is a living room as one of the special places in interacting with someone or guests. As a place of interaction with foreigners, certainly needed a room that is able to create an atmosphere …

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May 07

Choosing the Right Color for Interior Design


Color is the first impression that you feel when you see a house. However, color plays an important role and influence on residents. The right color choice is able to provide a calming effect, motivate, even able to clear up the emotions as well as support the physical and mental healing inhabitants. This is where …

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Mar 21

Repeat Wall Paint Your House

home colors

Want to change the atmosphere of the house? One way is to do a re-paint the walls of the house. Steps to repaint not just polish the paint directly on the walls of the house. There are several steps in order to paint stick well and produce the perfect look. In general, the thing to …

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