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Utilize The Space Under The Stairs


Building a house on land is limited or no hope inhabit big and spacious building then solution is every corner of the room needs to be optimized in terms of its use as well as utilize the space under the stairs, rather than be left empty then it would be better if transformed to enable …

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How to Design a Bedroom Interior Girls

design wallpaper bedroom

The bedroom is the one room that has the benefits of rest and private activity in it. The rooms are often referred to as a second home for everyone, because everyone is happy to do personal activities of daily in the room, probably in the room feel more comfortable and able to concentrate in doing …

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Beautify Interior With Shelf Design Simple Yet Elegant


Everyone has their own choice on the decoration of the room later. However, if you are the type of person who wants a simple decoration, perhaps Rack is suitable for use in decorating your room. And the idea of making of this rack is actually inspired from a suspension bridge Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco) …

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Choosing the Right Color for Interior Design


Color is the first impression that you feel when you see a house. However, color plays an important role and influence on residents. The right color choice is able to provide a calming effect, motivate, even able to clear up the emotions as well as support the physical and mental healing inhabitants. This is where …

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6 How to Design a Kitchen in minimalist

kitchen renovation 1

Minimalist house was deliberately created with a mini size. Because of the size of the mini is everyone who has a minimalist home must know about how the arrangement, the type of furniture that is appropriate to the layout of the home furnishings. All components must have been drafted before minimalist home is built. However, …

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