The Function of The Park in Front of The House

The function of the park in front of the house but can beautify page there are also some other uses that is believed to add to the comfort of the home inhabit, what are the uses? of course very much at all, therefore, let us discuss here. previously created first few answer can perhaps be the answer to this question.


The function of the park in front of the house

  • Beautify the home page, various forms of ornamental plants with colorful blooming flowers can be a means to beautify the exterior of the residence.
  • As rain water catchment areas so they can get into the soil, this way we can go down a role in green building programs, as well as efforts to address the flooding that recently hit the big city often build damage the surrounding natural environment.
  • Refreshing the mind of fatigue when home from work activities.
  • Channeling hobby for those who like farming house or yard.
  • As a home-based business for those who want to do business selling ornamental plants.
  • As a means of children’s play house or yard.
  • Complementary architectural model homes, some form of residential houses it does not complete if it does not add to the variation model of ornamental plants in the yard.
  • As a supplier of clean and fresh air into the house, we know that plants can produce oxygen during the day the indispensable man to breathe.
  • To keep the fish in the pond that placed the garden house.

Similarly, some use a garden in front of the house, the garden can also be made in addition to, behind or even inside the house.