Tricks Make Fence More Beautiful, Free Rust!

In addition to making your home more attractive, giving special attention to the fence actually has another advantage. Make more beautiful fence, means eliminating rust.

Rust that usually give the appearance of unattractive on the fence is also a major cause damage to the iron fence. Here is the process of painting a rusty fence that you can do yourself at the weekend.

Use sandpaper to sand totaled moderate (medium-grit) to rub the surface of the metal and remove rust. Emery also effectively get rid of paint that was peeling. In the parts that are difficult to clean, use a wire brush.

Once you feel pretty, clean the remnants emery cloth. Then, start preparing the process of painting.

Provide a newspaper in the bottom of the fence of capturing the droplets of paint. In addition, use painter’s tape to protect the walls or other parts that are not exposed to the paint.

Then, apply a spray or stainless on the fence. Wait until the stainless dry. Make sure you read the instructions on the stainless.

You can also use a paint containing stainless steel. Besides as a primer coat of paint also became a top coat or paint finish specially formulated in one package.

However, if you choose a stainless special paint, wait until dry, use a new exterior paint. Start from the top and slowly, until the bottom of the paint.

Do not forget, block or close the first area around the fence so that no one accidentally damaging your paint results. Take away the cover and painter’s tape if the paint is dry.

As a side note, make sure you hold the spray paint properly and provide sufficient distance between the spray and the fence. This ensures that the paint does not accumulate and drip.