3D Floor It Make Home More ‘Life’

What comes to your mind about the interior decoration of your home? Most people will immediately think of the walls of the house. What about the floor?

Clean floor alone is sometimes considered sufficient to represent the condition of the house. When in fact the floor is an integral part of the interior, which is quite a big influence on the feel of the entire room. Admittedly, the side to give the aesthetic value of the floor it is still less explored a lot of people.

3d floor design

If you are a big fan of anything that smells of optical illusions (optical illusions) we suggest that you decorate a room in your house with a floor 3D (three-dimensional), the three-dimensional technology, the floor is capable of displaying the illusion of a certain sights such as the present atmosphere if you are middle dive at sea filled with beautiful coral reefs, or make the bed in your room is in the middle like a waterfall.

In addition to providing superb views, 3D floor also has several advantages such as a soft impression and scratch resistance despite any heavy objects that are in it. Besides this floor is also hygienic because it is predicted to inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Strong and solid, three-dimensional floor, can last up to 10 years of use. Of course, should the proper installation techniques. The use of three-dimensional floor will give a new feel and atmosphere in your home. Enjoy the beauty and adventure that is presented in 3D floor.