5 How to organize an elegant ceramic wall

There are many ways to organize ceramics on the wall to make it look elegant and classy. Starting from a model brick, stacked, mosaic, and so forth. In this review, we invite you to look around some examples of ceramic wall arrangement as abstracted from Houzz. Expected by reading this review you get inspiration on how to design ceramic wall in your home.


This is a classic look that is widely used in homes. Not difficult to arrange ceramic brick models horizontally. This will give the impression of your home. Rectangular ceramic is the best choice for this style. The thing to remember, you have to get ready to cut if you want to install ceramic tile in the area of ​​the tip or corner. Try to install ceramic white with gray grout, would certainly look classy.


Choosing a brick pattern oriented vertically but does reduce the effect of the room loose, but stressed height space. It also adds a contemporary touch but still classic, with nuances that are not too trendy. This pattern is suitable to be applied in the toilet and bathroom.

Large brick

The size of the tiles that are sold are diverse, you can choose ceramic oversized or large size. Believe me, the size can give different effects. This pattern helps minimize the visual impact of the grout, which allows the ceramic has a smoother appearance.


This is the simplest layout. In a stacked pattern, ceramic aligned to form a grid benthic repeated. This results in a modern look that fits perfectly to the shape of a clean and sharp angles, and play with organic shapes of exotic woods.


The word “mosaic” may bring to mind the complex shapes. In terms of design, the arrangement of each ceramic mosaic is in the form of repeated small size (or a set of specific forms). Very common example is a ceramic 1 inch square, although there are also other shapes and patterns, such as triangles.