Air-Conditioning Units Make the Home a Comfortable Place to Live

When a person comes home after a long day at work, a hard day at school, or just from being out on the town with friends, they want to come home to a place where they feel relaxed. A person’s home should be their haven. It should be comfortable and a place where they can completely and totally unwind without worrying about what’s going on in the world around them. One of the features of the home that makes this possible is having a nice air-conditioning unit installed. Of course, as with all things, not all air-conditioners are created equal.

Before selecting the appropriate air-conditioning unit for a home, an installer needs to know how big or how small the unit needs to be. In order to do this, the contractor will calculate the cooling capacity of the home, also known as the load of the home.

The primary factor that determines the load of the home is how much square footage is in the home. However, determining the load of the home goes beyond that. Other things such as how the home is orientated in comparison to the sun, the R-value of the insulation, the number of rooms in the home and how they are placed, the number of windows and doors in the home, and the efficiency of the windows and doors also play a role in determining the true load calculation for a home. Other things like the climate where the home is located will also factor in.

An air conditioning company Tampa professional will use a predetermined set of mathematical formulas to take all of the variables about the house into consideration. Once all this information has been put into the computer, they will be able to present the homeowner with air-conditioning options that are right for their home.

When it comes to selecting the right air-conditioning unit for a home, bigger is not better. In fact, if a home has an air-conditioning unit installed that is too big, the homeowner will not only have a higher upfront cost, but they are also going to pay more in electrical bills as their air-conditioning unit will cycle on and off repeatedly. Since the unit cycles on and off so quickly and so frequently, this leads to increased maintenance costs and shortens the life of the equipment. Additionally, the unit is not able to remove all of the humidity from the room, and so a comfortable temperature is never reached.

Having a comfortable home environment, especially in warmer climates, depends a lot on the air-conditioning unit used. A good air-conditioning technician will be able to work with a homeowner to make sure their unit is right for them.