Choose a New Home Or Used?

If you already have enough savings for a down payment loan application (mortgage), you can bet there will be a question that comes to your mind: buy a new home, or buy a used home, yes?

Until now, buying a home is a profitable investment. Therefore, in addition to rent, house could also occupied himself with the family. Even more important is that house prices always increased from year to year.

About the question to buy a new home or former home, now did you facilitated through mortgage facilities.

However, in order for you more clearly and definitely in the decisions made, the following is the difference between new and used homes. What’s in it and what weaknesses.

If you buy a used home

Compared to the new house, usually the former house prices are cheaper. Therefore, with the same number of credits you can buy a used house with an area larger than the house that is completely new. In addition, there are several considerations;

• Environment has been formed

When buying a used home, you have bought a house that was once occupied by the previous owner. Therefore, usually the former home located in a neighborhood with social facilities are complete.

For example, there are neighbors in addition to your home. Or, has the presence of sports facilities, or places of worship in the neighborhood. Most importantly, before you buy can ask the residents who live around your house is, on the condition of the home you want to buy and its environment.

• Direct can be occupied

When buying a used home, one of the advantages is that you can get everything you need is already handled by the old owner.

Here, means you do not have to bother installing telephone lines, electricity, or water, in order to directly occupy the house.

In addition, you also do not have to wait long to make home certificate. Simply do behind the name of the certificate belongs to the old owner.

Security can be proven

Because the environment has been established, you also can ask questions and find out about the condition of the existing security around the house you want to buy second-hand. In fact, usually the environment of the house was usually already formed a perimeter security system itself.

Must be prepared renovation fund

When buying a used home, you can just get a house that needs renovation. Because, as already occupied, the possibility of the house suffered damage can also occur. That is why, you have to set aside funds for the renovation itself.