Classroom Decoration Ideas To Make The Learning Atmosphere More Exciting

A classroom is a place where children learn, interact with their friends, and be creative. In the classroom, especially for children in pre-school age, children are encouraged to continue to work. Therefore, the necessary environment that can support their productivity. Do the decorating class is one way of creating a child-friendly environment.

Paramount in decorating children’s classes are also getting involved in it. By decorating their own classes, they feel so a part of the room and the more zest for learning. This time, Kania will share inspiration for decorating ideas very creative class. You can invite kids or thy disciples to try decorating classes here!

1. Classroom Decor Carnival Theme

Classroom Decor Themed Carnival

The impression of a cheerful is the impression most wanted to be highlighted in decorating class. The striking bright color selection is one of the efforts to turn the cheerful shades. As a mix of colors on this Carnival themed classroom decor, colors that dominate are light colors such as red, blue, and yellow. Uniquely, the colors combined with a secondary color that is the color of black.

Through this Carnival themed classroom decoration, classroom converted into a place of classical circus. Hallmark vintage design feels very strongly from the use wallpaper or wall covering red striped vertically around the classroom. The decoration in the form of colored lanterns lights blue, yellow, and Red hanging above each table in the class.

The colors on the Lantern is also applied to the cribs-cribs at the storage area. Cribs-cribs have been organized regularly for easy kids take and store goods.

There is a picture of a carousel and a circus tent at the top of the window class, followed by the triangular flags hanging from one window to another window. On the side of the class, there is a small pantry area, in these parts, decorating class nuanced Carnival is getting noticeably thick thanks to the decoration in the form of letters bearing the “cafe”, which are pasted on the Wall shelves.


2. The concept of Decorating the tent At Reading Area

The concept of Decorating the tent At Reading Area

In order that children are increasingly interested and fond of long read in a classroom, decorating classes with outdoor themes can be applied in the area of reading. Decorating class on this one. In addition to using furniture sofa and patterned carpet, also placed a tent camp. On top of the hood, mounted a decoration in the form of two strands of leaves are very wide, like a tree that shaded the overarching goals of the tent.

On the wall a reading area, there’s a polka-dotted fan-fan the paper is green. On the bulletin boards were installed in the area of regulations about the flyer read. The flyer designed as if though like a camping rule in the middle of the forest.

A fire balloon decorating concepts also complement this class seems like there is a bonfire in front of the Tabernacle of the tent. With a playful theme like this, kids will be more happy to spend time in the area of reading. In addition, the concept of decorating classes like this one is also easy to implement.

3. Read the exclamation point in the Area of Library under the sea

Read the exclamation point in the Area of Library under the sea

Another theme that can be used for decorating theme is a class library. Funny Yes, can be read at the bottom of the sea?

Because of the themes related to the oceans, the dominance of any color used is the color blue. Other colors, such as purple, green and yellow can also tone up the underwater theme. These colors represent the underwater fauna and vegetation.

On a class of underwater-themed decor is made of sea, visual art paper with three different colors, dark blue, light blue, and purple, and made all three to roll up. On the art paper rolls series taped dolls underwater biotas, such as fish, crabs, and Octopus.

Classroom decoration elements such as beach balls, bucket contain sea plants there are also ornaments to perfect the underwater theme. Children are ready to read while diving underwater in the library.

4. A decoration of Multicolored Polka-themed Classes

A decoration of Multicolored Polka-themed Classes

Next is decorating classroom-themed colorful polka. Trinkets of decoration in the form of white balloons, Ribbon-colorful ribbons, fonts and colorful circles made of paper folding. On the theme of the decoration of this class, the motif of decoration element become a polka dot class. This motif adorning every corner, from the walls of classrooms, desks, slates, and also on the white balloons.

In this class, a variety of d├ęcor colors deliberately used for children’s learning materials, because in the decorating classes, you can also while teaching them how to organize stuff. In this case, the kids so can spruce up the goods in accordance with the same color.

5. Decorating Themed Class Mechanics

Decorating Themed Class Mechanics1

The last is a class themed decoration mechanics. The colorful display is also still shown on the decoration of this class. The difference, in the decoration of this class, many items of decoration are mechanical tools, such as the toothed wheel (gear), bolts, and bushings.

Toothed wheels for garnish, everything can be made using paper folding and cardboard. Toothed wheel shapes can be made by cutting the paper or paper folding like when making a fan.

Theme decoration like this class is suitable for grades who study wake up space, i.e. classes that have props or interactive toys like Lego bricks and beams. Toys and stationeries that there could also be used as part of decorating the classroom, through the colors that are selected in accordance with the color palette and unique storage box.

Actually, with trying to decorate classes, you can also organize your storage items at once. Important, do not get when applying the concept of decorating the classroom children so difficult to concentrate because of the decoration which has been festive too.