First in the World, Swimming Pool Transparent and Floating

Innovative architectural design always make anyone fascinated. This time, the developer Ballymore and Eco World will build a swimming pool transparent floating in space. The swimming pool will be connecting two apartment buildings Nine Elms in London, England.

Referred to as the “Sky Pool”, the swimming pool was immediately stole the attention of the world because it is the first floating swimming pool in the sky like that. This is an innovative design that amaze the world of architecture and construction.

Materials will use a swimming pool 20 centimeters thick transparent glass so that the pool will be secure and not easily broken. Anyone swimming in the pool will be a thrilling sensation as like hovering over the city of London.

Developers targeting the pool at the same apartment project Sky Pool can be completed in 2018. But unfortunately, the swimming pool is not open to the public and should only be used for the residents of the apartment alone.

Details sizes Sky Pool Sky Pool was built on the top floor of the two buildings Nine Elms above an altitude of about 35 meters. Length of 25 meters by 5 meters wide and 3 meters depth where the water depth of 1.2 meters.