How to Choose the house floor coverings

Floor Coverings home is an important element for the comfort and beauty of a dwelling house, house floor can reflect the personality and bring a certain nuance in a room.

floor covering

Things that are usually considered in choosing how to cover the floor will include:

  • Color floor
  • Floors
  • Type of flooring material
  • Material price floor
  • Availability of materials
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Condition of the floor to be installed

Material Selection house floor coverings there are many alternatives that can be used, among others:

  • Ceramic floor
  • Granite floor
  • Marble floors
  • Floor Screed finish aci
  • Compacted ground floor
  • floor Carpet
  • Parquet flooring (wood pattern)
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Cast concrete floor
  • Floor steel profiles
  • Brick floor
  • Natural stone flooring
  • Plastic floor
  • Floor paving blocks

In addition to the above-mentioned flooring material of course there are many more other types either existing or recent discoveries result of technological development.

Various flooring material has advantages and disadvantages of each in accordance with the needs and atmosphere are shown in a room, for example, a nature-themed house would be better if you use a natural stone floor coverings, compacted dirt floor, parquet flooring wood motif. while at home with a modern theme would be better to use ceramic floor coverings, granite, marble and the like.

in addition to considering aspects of beauty, floor coverings also must consider in terms of ease of maintenance and cleaning, for example in areas outside the home would be better to use a floor covering material that is resistant to water for example paving block, cast concrete etc. while in the area of the house can use a floor covering material of the type of ceramic, granite, marble etc.

after successfully selecting flooring material that will be used the next step is to determine whether the material will be installed in a standard position or with certain patterns in the form of one type of material and the incorporation of several types of material into a single entity, in this matter the pattern of the floor should be used in areas public or crowded in order to give the feel of the spirit or the crowd, while in certain areas such as bedrooms, study room which needs peace then it is better fitted without motive so that the resulting atmosphere of calm and cool.