How to Clean Bedroom in 10 Minutes

A child’s bedroom is the most cluttered places in the house. Children are often lazy to clean and tidy up the bed. Yet according to the study, the bedroom was clean and tidy can improve academic performance and social child.

Besides lazy, little time is also a barrier child to clean his room. Here are seven ways cleaning and tidying bedrooms in less than 10 minutes that can be practiced by parents and children.

1. Open All Existing Curtain

Opening the curtains allow sunlight into the room. Not only make you or the child to wake up but also gives a clearer vision in every corner of the room. Opening the window could also be an alternative to get more fresh air from outside the house.

2. Trim Beds

Making a bed can make the room become more organized than before. Additionally, the beds were neatly could provide a wider work area in the room. To add freshness in the room, you can spray the air freshener with the scent as you wish.

3. Clean All Trash

Provide two bags, one for non-organic dirt, one for recyclable materials and began to dispose of all garbage on the floor, table, chair, and under the mattress. In this process you can identify any items in the room that are not used anymore, but still nice to be donated.

4. Place All Apparel accordance places

Place all dirty clothes in the laundry basket and hang or fold all your clean clothes. In addition, other accessories such as shoes, sandals, jackets and others should also be placed in accordance with the position.

5. Save All Toys

Put all the toys in a child-friendly storage. Label each storage area in accordance with toys in it so that children easily find it again.

6. Put All Items accordance places

Take all the items left on the floor and place it in a drawer or safe. Then you can create a storage basket for all goods that are not associated with the bedroom.

7. Cleaning Dust

Take all the items in the table, chairs, and cabinets, then wipe all the furniture from dust by using a microfiber cloth. To make it look neat, replace these items fit where, for example books on the bookshelf.

In addition also clean the floors and carpets in your room by using a cloth or a vacuum.