How to Create a landscape of Green Plants in the Room of the House

There are many people who think that the plants must also be enjoyed in the room of the house. That is, this assumption carries the concept of bringing in the garden into the house. If you agree with this assumption, then you’ll want to learn the techniques of creating a landscape of green plants in the room of the house. This arrangement covers all aspects, from the color, texture, shape, and proportion. Here’s a summary of Houzz for you.

Note the scale

The first thing you need is the observation area of ​​the room you want to give the plant. You should be able to align the area of ​​the room with the size and number of plants. Plants that are too large to be placed in a small room will actually looks crowded, while the plants are too small in the large room will make it less attractive. If the room has a large window, you should select plants that are still associated with existing plants outside.

Form of plant

Consider the shape of the plant and how to shape it can fill a room. Start of columnar, circles, squares, rectangles, or pyramidal, you can adjust the shape of the room. The shape of the pot you can also select and adjust the shape of the room.

Feel the texture

Note the plant surface texture and feel whether it matches the texture feel of the room. For example, if you have a connecting hallway room that has a long window panels, you can choose plants of various textures to add interest when passing through the hallway. It is also recommended to choose a color that matches the color of the pot wall or furniture dominant.

Bold with color

Plants can add a special touch to the greenery that you present in the house. If you want, you can add colors are bolder, such as yellow and green, which can echo the dominant color of the objects around it. In the picture, the color potted plants adapted to the existing color of the chair beside him.

Repetition of plants

Installing plants reps or recurring basis will present individual aesthetic impression of modern style. For example, if you like the modern style, select a few small plants together to fill the window sill. This will present a clean nan simple. If you do not like to repeat the same plant, you can choose several different types of plants that have the same shape. The simplest way would obviously add to the appeal of your room green landscape.