How to Design Roof Carport Beautiful for Your Car

Carport beautiful course of action add your home more attractive and eye cathching. Usually carport design consists of the floor, wall, roof retaining structures, and the framework of the roof covering. How to design a carport to look beautiful and functional foods?

carport design

Carport Roof Structure

There are several carport roof structure that you can apply on your carport at home, some of which are as follows.

Stand Alone

Is a stand-alone structure of the roof structure that stands alone and is supported by four main points. The columns cantilever can be made from wood material, metal, concrete, steel or a combination of some of the material. Carport visual display using this structure accordance with carport design.

sticking Some

Carport design is close to the main building is unique. Namely the roof frame can be attached to most of the main buildings house. This way you can save. Only with the support of two points then your carport is quite solid and beautiful. Exterior facade carport you can customize with existing home design.

Carport roof

Choosing a carport roof design is often made dizzy. Not only the beautiful shape, but you also need to pay attention to the function of the carport beautiful. Shape not guarantee the carport will be protected from rain water seepage. Sometimes if a permanent roofed carport underneath it becomes dark and damp.

But, now you do not have to worry anymore. There is a carport roof designed specifically to address the problem.

The main structure in this beautiful carport is the type of channel steel and covered with glass on top. To beautify the bottom of the carport roof covered with gypsum board. At the center of the holes created a truly transparent forwarding of sunlight.

If you see this carport roof during the day, then you will see that the carport built to refract sunlight throughout the existing floor below.

By combining the concept of the carport roof structure in accordance with the design of your home, as well as the design of the roof of the carport that can refract sunlight, undoubtedly visual appearance and function of your beautiful carport will be realized.