How To Make House Walls Look Beautiful and Attractive

The Interior houses a unique and interesting will certainly make anyone who sees it will be entertained and enjoy to stay dan sit inside. One part of the room which is very important to note is the walls. Because the walls of the room can be said of a face into the room.

Gives accent or decorate the walls also has other advantages. Besides being able to prevent us from excess impression due to too much furniture or furniture therein, can also suppress expenses that may initially be used to buy furniture or accessories in a room which is expensive.

If you’re looking for inspiration in decorating the interior walls of your home, here are some tips and ways to make the wall look interesting and ‘ Eye Catching ‘.

How To Make A Wall in Room Looks ‘ Beautiful and Attractive ‘?

Let Me Paint A Wall/Oil Paint

living room

The most common way and simple in make the walls look attractive is to paint it either using paint walls or using oil paint. Both the paint has its advantages and drawbacks of each. Use according to your needs or your creations.

To create the look of the walls of the room more attractive, use bright colors such as red, yellow, green or pink, Or you can mix with two different colors. You can also adjust to the personality of the room or your creativity.

Use Vintage Wallpaper

Use Vintage Wallpaper to living room

The use of the wallpapers is also commonly used in making the room becomes more interesting. But sometimes put up wallpaper to all the walls quite a hassle and also requires a greater cost.

If you do not want to install the wallpaper all the walls either rooms or other spaces, you can simply pair to one part or one side wall only. Can use the motif of vintage, flowers, or a model that represents your personality.

Use Fabric As Wallpaper

Use Fabric Wallpaper

Tips how to make your room wall at home is becoming more attractive again is to use a Fabric wallpaper. This type of wallpaper is quite interesting and also has advantages compared to other types of wallpaper. Installation may be more difficult than with a paper wallpaper, however, if it is installed will be displayed on the strong and will look very attractive to look at.

Hanging Panel

Hanging Panel

Next, you can give your fabric creations fold like a curtain which then hung on one side of your room as a space separator. You can use a patterned fabric like Flowers or other shades, but you can also use brightly colored fabrics to add a beautiful impression.

Wall Gallery

wall gallery picture6

How to make a wall of your home or room becomes more interesting the last is to use or create a wall Gallery. All you need to do is just hang on the gallery walls with, can be a photograph or similar magazines the wall.

By following the tips above, the guaranteed home you will become more attractive and looks more standout from most houses.