How to Make Insects Away from Your Home

Almost everyone does not want any insects in their homes. When the insect has entered our homes, required extra effort to repel insects – insects suck it until nothing left. Want to know the solution insect free home? Let’s refer to the steps – steps that we do not have to worry about our house was invaded by insects

clean house

Spray insect repellent in place – strategic.

Spray the drug to the door or window where insects can enter. But keep in mind in order not to hit a place where children – children or pets you play.

Make sure pets are free of insect infestation or other disturbing.

Monitor pets with intensive care on a regular basis with your subscription veterinarian. This is to prevent insects – insects that damage the health of your pet and of course keep you from insects – insects.

Cleaning up!

Insects attracted to the rest – the rest of the food or garbage – organic waste in your home. No garbage, no insects.

Close all holes.

Make sure there is no gap – any gap for insects to enter your home.

Salt and lime.

Ants and snails hate salt and lime. Sprinkle in place – a place where the insects pass and say goodbye to the ants and snails.