Important Things To Look For When Buying a Home Plan

Home is an investment property especially uncertain future. Because the land was never expanded, but the demand for land will continue to grow.

However it helps us pay attention to the terms of purchase of the house. This is to prevent losses in the rear. Here is the note:

1. House prices

Some housing is set house prices are exorbitant because the infrastructure is already complete. Construction of highways, for example, can make home prices rose 50 percent. Act smart, if there are plans to build in the area do not hesitate to buy it. But make sure the place is safe from land acquisition.

2. Prepare funds

Deposit or earnest money must necessarily be paid away. Ideally there is a savings of at least 30 percent of the price of the home to be purchased, or 20% if the house area is less than 70 square meters.

3. Prepare surcharge

Another budget should be prepared that the insurance fund, tax, and consulting fees, or administration. This amount should be budgeted as an additional payment each month, in addition to installment house.

4. Make sure your credit record clean

Buying a home is usually identified with the mortgage. This can happen if we are not in the black list. Make sure you do not have good credit arrears and other credit cards. Clear all debts. Also make sure there is no flow of information that is false as the value of loans that have reached the limit. If so then it is not possible to borrow more funds.