It turns out that the best dream house is not always a luxury

It turns out that the best dream house is not always a luxury for a lot of personal or family actually get comfort when occupying the house that could be considered far below the standard simple alias pickup only. why did this happen? a variety of things can cause this situation, for example, on the one hand a person who has been living with a small house is often imagined to be happy when can live in a big house and a beautiful stately so spend a lot of time to achieve these desires, but in reality after luxury home can turn out it was far from a happy life. nah .. Here we discuss all kinds of things that allow us to be able to achieve a dream house.

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Why stay in a luxury home unhappy?

  • Live it requires a sense of security, in fact when we stay home luxury with elite environment that happened just a desire to elevate the fence, adding security post, cctv camera. and severity despite all the security tools already imported but also a sense of security has not been obtained.
  • Humans are social creature while living luxury in housing happens often think of themselves even to my neighbors just do not know right and left, then if one day having trouble then flows to cope alone as searching for a hospital when you’re in pain,
  • For those who like to think of prestige that sometimes the path of debt to be occupy luxury homes, as long as the debt is within the limits of the ability to pay may not be a problem, but when you can not pay the debt then the mind dizzy looking for a way home or could be seized bank so affixed words “the house is in the bank supervision “or” this house is auctioned Bank “.

On the other hand there are many who feel that home dream is the worst among a row of houses there, he said that the most interesting houses, each course has its own reasons and secrets.