Little Additions that Will Improve Your Business

As you set up your business, you need to consider the little details. While plan-o-grams are important for setting your four-ways and getting product on the floor, you also need to consider other important little features, including restroom signs, seating in a restaurant lobby and lighting around any steps. Here are just a few of the little extras you’ll want to add to your setup to ensure that your space is inviting and functional.

Entry Mats

It doesn’t matter where your business is located; entry mats will keep your interior cleaner. They’re particularly important if you live in an area that sees a great deal of precipitation. The mats will help keep your floors dry, and that allows you to minimize the risk of accidents.

Accent Lighting

Lighting is everything in a commercial space. In some cases, you want bright, functional lighting that people can work by. Restaurants and some retail stores, however, lean towards softer illumination that’s more welcoming. If you have steps in your facility, then consider recessed lighting to ensure that people can see where they’re going. The combination of uplights and plants can make any space feel more welcoming. It’s a little change that can make a big difference.

Garbage Considerations

It’s reported that Walt Disney once observed people at other theme parks to determine how far they were willing to walk in their search for a trash can. He found that they would only go about 30 steps before dropping the garbage on the ground. Keep this mind when putting your outdoor trash receptacles in position. The more you have, the less likely you are to deal with garbage all over the ground.

Seating Everywhere

Restaurants know that seats are a requirement in the lobby area, but retailers sometimes forget to add benches to dressing room waiting areas for people who are waiting on family members. As you put together the floor plans for different areas, be sure to ask yourself if people will need to wait on products or other shoppers while in your facility. If the answer is yes, then a few benches or seats may be in order.

Considering the little details will help you set up a place of business that’s functional and welcoming. You’ll make a good impression on customers, and you just may ensure that things run more smoothly at your place of business.