New Home Decorating Style Vintage

Home sweet home or my palace. This is the best phrase to show how beautiful when it is in the house. Feel comfortable, peaceful, and safe are things that can be felt at home. However, sometimes, you feel bored to stay at home all day.

Decorating the house is something you have to do to get peace and a sense of comfort in it. Even more, decorate the house will make you feel comfortable. There are some easy and simple way to decorate your home. You do not even need to buy some new interior to create the look of your home interior look different.

First, pay attention to the wall is a good start to improve your mood. You can select images of childhood or family photos to your childhood. Put them in old vintage style frame is not cleared from the warehouse, and then hang them on the wall.

Second, you can use the stuff – old stuff that has been unused, as you can hang the old clock in the living room. Antique wall lamps also will give your home decor vintage style look. In addition, the effects of dim light on the antique wall lamps will give the impression of 1990.

Give rest to your luxurious sofa for a while. You can start to clean bamboo chairs and arrange them in your living room. To make them look comfortable, you can put the seat cushion there. Another way to make home decorations antique look is to put some Chinese vase in the corner of the room. You can choose a white chrysanthemum flowers to put in your Chinese vase.