Note This Before Buying a Second Home

Former home or a resale home is often called now much in demand, especially if the location has advantages such as proximity to downtown or commercial area, and equipped with supporting facilities.

If interested in buying a resale home, it is worth considering carefully everything about the house. Note the condition of the building, check the status of ownership, check the sale price, ask the age of the building, and check the completeness of the documents home.

In the book Successful Home Buying Without this capital advantages and disadvantages of buying a resale home:


  • Building the house was standing so that you can see the shape and quality of the actual building.
  • The social environment has been formed, such as neighbors, security systems, educational facilities, healthcare, places of worship, and other amenities.
  • Regional infrastructure already available, such as roads, parks, electrical connection, and water.
  • Prices building and homes can be compromised, especially if the old owner was in need of money.
  • The building can be occupied immediately the new owner after the affairs of the sale is complete.
  • Land and Building Tax is relatively cheaper than new homes.
  • Property investment risk is small because the supporting environment established.
  • The new owners could be more adaptable for all existing facilities.


  • The choice is not much or limited to what is on offer, unlike the availability of new housing with various types, location, and price.
  • The new owner did not know the ingredients and the quality of the building.
  • There is a possibility you will pay for repairs and maintenance at the initial purchase.
  • Building design sometimes outdated.
  • Form a permanent building so that, if it does not fit with the new owner, it must be doing renovations.
  • The house with the strength of the construction is already more than 20 years has decreased and the quality is difficult partly renovated. Better choice renovate totally.
  • Take care of more complicated than buying a new home because they have to check the certificate of land and buildings. You also should make sure the house is free of disputes.