This Mendocino Coast House Prices Most Beautiful in the World

Waterfront property have sounded like a pipe dream. However, many people wonder how the actual property prices in the area’s most beautiful and popular beaches in the world.

Here is the price range of properties in how many beaches in the world:

Barceloneta Beach, Barcelona, ​​Spain

Priced at US $ 1 million, you can own a home with five bedrooms measuring 900 square meters (m2) according to the Lucas Fox International Properties.

The price is quite affordable for the jet that makes Barcelona a popular alternative other than Paris, New York and London.

Ipanema beach, Rio de Janeiro

By nan sparkling blue waters, a friendly weather all year round, and many vendors are famous for shopping or just eat, Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro is a wonderful place to live.

With the money of US $ 1 million, you can possess the luxury home area of ​​822 square meters (m2) in the city, according to data from Numbeo.

Waikiki Beach, Honolulu

People living in Honolulu can enjoy the beauty of Waikiki Beach and the local culture. But the hedonistic lifestyle in Hawaii requires money that is not little.

With the money of US $ 1 million, you can possess a house area of ​​510 m2 with two bedrooms or apartments in the city, according to the house price data from Zillow.

Bondi Beach, Sydney

Bondi Beach is located in the southeast Sydney. The beaches get good reputation by TripAdvisor in terms of cleanliness, softness of sand, big waves and warm water.

With the money of US $ 1 million, you can buy a house with a spacious bedroom, or two-bedroom apartment, according to information from Numbeo price.

Repulse Bay, Hong Kong

Repulse Bay Beach is a popular tourist destination in Hong Kong, in addition to beautiful beaches, and the beauty of the sea, you can also enjoy many statues sculptures that reflect the local culture. The beach property in a premium area.

With the money of US $1 million, you can only get a studio type apartment, according to data from Numbeo.