Tricks to make a green open space in the narrow house

The limited area of ​​land should not be an obstacle to be able to have a green open space in the house.

The presence of open space in the shelter is like an oasis because it serves to keep the air circulation remains good so the temperature in the house remains comfortable.

In addition, the open green space can also be used as a recreation area and a moment of relaxation for the residents.

Especially for those who have jobs with high mobility and want a cool, distant peaceful atmosphere through the garden at home. And any area designated as open space to be used optimally.

Limited land an exciting challenge, but there are some tips to consider in designing a green area on land or cramped home. Most importantly, free the imagination in designing in accordance with the desired concept ,.

Basic knowledge about the types of plants that fit and how to care also needs to be studied, especially if the location of the open space is not exposed to direct sunlight.

So how what can be done to bring the green open space in a limited area?

vertical Garden

One way to optimize the green area in the narrow area is to utilize the vertical plane or wall as a farming area. Vertical garden requires a certain media and special plant engineering.

One method that is often applied is hydroponics with how to organize the plant in such a way on the walls, and also performed with special care as well as the automatic setting.

Hanging Garden

Creativity in designing a vertical garden is currently growing, giving rise to a new range of ideas that can be copied including the hanging garden.

This one method utilizes old bottles, sewer or various potted plants arranged or hung on the wall. In addition to cheaper in the making, this method is also easier to maintain.

Roof Garden

Another way to bring green space in the restricted area was to apply the rooftop garden, which is a technique to plant on the roof of the house or patio canopy / carport of the house.

Plants that can be used is a light plant species that are resistant to sunlight, is not rooted malignant and do not require much water.

The main thing to consider in making technique is the rooftop garden residual water drainage system watering.

Selection of Plants

Adjust the plants with the type and character of the park to be created. To park in the house, choose plants that can survive with minimal sun exposure, contrary to the park is open select plants that are resistant to exposure to sunlight.

Do with heart

Last Esya remind, learn and do techniques on how to care for plants properly, because ultimately the beautiful whether green space is determined by the quality of maintenance performed.

Plants are living things. Therefore, it takes patience and diligence in care