3 This is the latest interior design trends

Interior design trends continue to change over time. Do not stop at the color scheme or a particular element, the designers constantly innovating recent work is admired by a broad audience.

Welcome spring in New York, designer Kerrie Kelly gave a little glimpse of the three latest design trends that might inspire you.

For some people, more home design has become part of the lifestyle. By accentuating the value of art inspired by the fashion and food, few people are willing to spend in the interior in order to realize the dream into his home.

How about you? No need to buy the exact same furniture, you can really cheat three major trends below.

Selection of optimal color and bright

Inspired by the latest fashion trend known as athleisure, see below room decorated of energetic colors and motifs are linked, a unique silhouette and quality furnishings. Athleisure style has become the style of choice for the urban active

Athleisure taken from the athletic (athletic) and leisure (leisure / relaxing). This style is perfect for those who like to exercise and busy working mothers, up to students and anyone who likes to work hard.

The interior design of this one being a favorite style that is now much in demand without putting a limit on the norms and gender.

One major aspect of this trend is the absence of limitations in choosing colors. The interior designer should choose colors that fit the tastes of the client. However, the selection of motifs and sporty silhouette should be a priority in the selection of furnishings.

For example, you can adapt the bright orange chairs as well as a medieval-style table lamp faded blue that has a groove firm and strong impression.

a feminine touch

Material given final touches plated nickel or copper color impression is a favorite choice for anyone who wants a touch of luxury and feminine.

Choose colors like pink gold, copper and warm white which gives the appearance prestige in every room. The color scheme also gives the impression of comfortable than metal furnishings.

To adopt a feminine touch in the room, you can apply it to lamps, furniture and accessories. With so soft and light impression can be felt in your home.

You can also combine luxurious materials such as marble stone at the dinner table and countertop.

For example, you can choose velvet pillowcase and accent chair with gold-colored copper material.

city life

Urban life was also inspired the latest interior design styles. Model of city life can be identified from the furnishings to the design maximum in order in the room size is minimal.

Display space is suitable for those users who care about health technologies. Generally applied to the middle class apartment in the city center.

The characteristics of the trend of “City Living” you can see from the selection of elegant modern furnishings. Such as dining tables, desks, lamp stand. Material selection can be seen from the graphic motif, recycled materials and finishes are slick.

Try to select a black floor lamp that looks a bit conservative and seat coffee shop (bar stool) were comfortable black.