Create an Attractive Fireplace


If you are fortunate enough to have a fireplace in your home, then you will want to make it look attractive. Rather than buying modern equipment for a fireplace, choose vintage fireplace tools. When you want to have a retro decor in your home, it is a good plan to shop at an exclusive store that sells vintage goods. Having a good fire burning in a fireplace is essential on a cold and snowy day, and to keep the logs in the proper position along with keeping sparks off of your home’s flooring, you need to purchase the right equipment.

Choose a Sturdy Fireplace Poker

When you are shopping for fireplace tools, you need to look for a fire iron that is made of durable metal. With this device, you can move wood or coals to keep a fire burning longer and hotter. A fireplace poker needs to have an insulated handle that will not get hot as you use it in order to avoid a burned hand. A fireplace poker is traditionally made of iron because it is an inexpensive metal, but you can also find brass fire pokers that look more attractive sitting next to a fireplace.

Keep a Fireplace Clean With a Fire Shovel

In addition to a fire poker, you need to have a fire shovel. In many cases, this tool is made as part of a matching set, and you need it to remove ashes from a fireplace’s firebox after a fire is extinguished. A fire shovel is a small tool that is designed for scooping up the cool ashes from a fireplace to keep the firebox cleaner. By removing the ashes, your home is less likely to become covered with dirt from the fireplace, and it is safer to light a fire next time.

Make Sure To Buy Fireplace Tongs

Another great tool to have is fireplace tongs that are similar to a fireplace iron. However, with tongs, you can get a better grip on a piece of burning wood. With a fireplace poker, you can only push or pull at a burning log to reposition it in the firebox, but with fireplace tongs, you can move wood into a precise position to ensure that a fire burns optimally. Most homeowners like to have all of their fireplace tools next to the fireplace inside a decorative metal container.