Easy Steps To Quickly Organize Photo Gallery On The Wall

Plain walls make the House feels colorless and boring. One of the tricks so that the home becomes more cheerful and beautiful is to add a photo or wall painting on the wall.

Now try you see the walls of your House If the wall you plain without any paintings or photographs are displayed. It’s good If you have a lot of memories in photo albums, from at saved alone band member will.i.am, try you create a gallery in the walls of the House,

before directly paste it on the wall, it’s good you make a trial error or experiment with a piece of cardboard or paper container. So that the layout of the photos will look presentable and attractive.

Here’s how to create a Photo Gallery on the wall.

Step 1:

wall gallery picture1

Prepare the ingredients:

  • Prepare the frames you want hanging, then collect their frames
  • Paper Brown or former newspaper cover
  • Paper Tapes
  • scissors
  • Hammer
  • Nail

After the material is complete and then the first thing that is done that is looking for inspiration in accordance with frames that you prepare, prior to specifying a layout, you print/trace size picture frames on the paper cover of Brown. All frames that you have and that you’ve prepared o…

Step 2:

wall gallery picture2

Specify the position of the layout of the frame, by way of putting a frame on the floor and position accordingly.

After the position was already fitting the cover paper, Brown had already been cut and then you stick it on the wall, paste the appropriate position you already set the frame on the floor earlier.

Step 3:

wall gallery picture3

Then take the nail that’s been prepared previously, then grab the frame and suspension frame fits the position already in the outboard in a wall with brown paper.

And. Photo Gallery at the wall already installed with the mess, look nice and neat.

wall gallery picture4

The following reference Gallery Wall that could have been the inspiration for the walls of your home:

wall gallery picture5 wall gallery picture6 wall gallery picture7 wall gallery picture8 wall gallery picture9