Utilize The Space Under The Stairs

Building a house on land is limited or no hope inhabit big and spacious building then solution is every corner of the room needs to be optimized in terms of its use as well as utilize the space under the stairs, rather than be left empty then it would be better if transformed to enable for a particular room so that it can support activities family everyday. for example, functioned as a warehouse so that the items that are rarely used can be stored in the room, other examples are fish pond so they can maintain ornamental fish in the house. Here are some things that might be done to optimize the use of space under the stairs.


Alternative room under the stairs

Some rooms can be placed under the stairs with a setting designed so that fitting and can be used comfortably.

  • Warehouse space.
  • Bathroom / WC.
  • Fish pond with fountain ornament sound can be refreshing.
  • Garden.
  • Ironing room.
  • Area water reservoirs.
  • Playroom.
  • Study room.

Specific strategies that can be done so that the larger the room under the stairs is to elevate the minimum landing 2m tall so that we can still pass under safely, but still consider comfort to go up and down stairs is the width of the stairs are made of 30 cm and height 20 cm space made. so please do another innovation and congratulations creativity to maximize the use of the corner house which is frequently overlooked this