Japan Interiors Clean Kitchen Style

Japan interiors kitchen style have different characteristics from other interiors. Among them is the form boxes in almost every part of the interior, minimalist, natural materials, and the use of sliding doors. Japan-style residential sections of interest to clean kitchen space is discussed.

japan kitchen style

Broadly speaking, the kitchen clean this Japan-style feels comfortable, clean, modern, and natural. Clean kitchen a la Japan is more concerned with function than aesthetics. No wonder if you will only find furniture such as a stove, fridge, washing machine, place the rice cooker, and electronic oven just inside the kitchen clean.

Clean kitchen a la Japan is suitable for you who do not want to elaborate and prefer the functions of the kitchen itself. As inspiration, Kania will share 13 Japan-style clean kitchen models you can follow!

1. Clean kitchen with window paper

japan kitchen style

You who love to watch the movie or samurai Japan against a background of ancient times are surely familiar with the door or window-lined paper ( Shoji ). In modern times, the city paper window very insecure because it is easily exploited. Instead, you can use paper as a window curtain. Shades of the same will naturally with paper.

2. Modern industrial touches in the kitchen

japan kitchen style3

The use of wooden materials in the clean kitchen a la Japan you can find this in the form of tables, floors, and ceilings. The size of the clean kitchen is not too widespread and just filled in by the kitchen table and washing the plate that connects to the dining table. Because of its furniture, kitchen area, this comfortable seat can be added and changed into the family room. Very minimalis and uncluttered.

3. Clean kitchen open shelves with Japan stylejapan kitchen style2

Open shelves or wall shelf can create the impression of a clean kitchen is spacious and clean. The displays are also suitable to clean kitchen a la Japan. Instead of using a wall shelf to make a House look neat, this kitchen uses the open shelf hanging from the ceiling. At first glance, the rack open is reminiscent of the look of the bar table where the rack is used for laying the glass.

4. Clean kitchen with dining room

japan kitchen style4

The clean kitchen made one with a dining room is not an alien. The unification of the two rooms is arguably saving place. You can also unify a dining room with a living room as an alternative. Still, apply the keys from the kitchen clean Japan, model ala this one kitchen feels minimalist and comfortable.

The use of wooden materials in sync for all sections starting from the floor, tables, chairs, and cabinets. They all have the same color. The large square window allows incoming sunlight illuminating the kitchen area clean.

5. Traditional style semi-clean kitchen a la Japan

japan kitchen style1

When viewing the model clean kitchen a la Japan on this one, you will surely be remembered with a model kitchen at the home of traditional Japan. The use of wooden furniture up to the material of the old Brown wooden floors with the end result without the finish will make it look ancient. So too with a vintage-style Cookware typical Japan. Section closet doors using a layer of paper. Seemed to go back to the days of old with a more modern atmosphere.

6. Kitchen clean and tidy although many items on kitchen set

japan kitchen style5

Ye someone active in the kitchen cooking and the workaholic collect variations of cutlery? So that the net impression is still awake, you can compose the tableware in the rack cabinet or closet and drifts of wood equipped with glass doors. The clean kitchen will still look clean and neat style Japan.

7. Wear a concrete wall

japan kitchen style6

Clean kitchen a la Japan does not always use wood for throughout. If you inhabit a new building using concrete walls, feel free to combine with wooden material. The trick is to cover one wall with wooden shelves are height and width. These shelves can be used to store tableware, kitchen area clean so that it is completely empty without the furniture.

8. Elegant culture Japan in clean kitchen

japan kitchen style8

Clean kitchen a la Japan natural and traditional ambiance can also perform elegant tables. Want to know how? Use proper lighting. Then use white lights and put it on the ceiling, you can try using yellow lights and put in some corner of the room. This yellow light will make the wood in the kitchen clean ala Japan will look Golden and more elegant.

9. Clean minimalist Japan Kitchen stylejapan kitchen style7

Clean kitchen model ala next Japan very minimalistic design with a rectangular-shaped Cabinet fitted a simple frame. In the central part of the kitchen is clean, there is a kitchen island with a square-shaped teapot typical Japan as decoration. Lighting the lamp wattage is the right to make this kitchen feels comfortable and warm.

10. Dark Clean kitchen Japan Nuanced

japan kitchen style9

Want to clean kitchen a la Japan with shades of dark to the more masculine? Is it easy? You can still use wood materials, but paint it with grey or black mixed with white color. Add lighting in the form of square-shaped paper lanterns are hung from the ceiling.

Similarly, the Japanese clean kitchen model that we have summarized. If confused, do not hesitate to ask for help professional interior design services to design your kitchen set. Hope can inspire to beautify your new kitchen later.