Steps To Design The Island Table

kitchen island furniture, kitchen, furnitureThe island table is the interior design of the table in the kitchen space. The table usually doubles as a Workbench for preparing foodstuffs or also as a dinner table for food that has been cooked.

Because the function is then usually island also comes with a sink. And the fun of the island this is a function that can be used as storage in the presence of drawers-drawer on this island.

The First step, optimize interior design kitchen Setup. A contributor, Jennifer Ott who also works as a designer in Jennifer Ott Interior Design says that one of his favorite kitchen Setup is the open kitchen Setup. Open kitchen (open kitchen) generally only cover one area of the wall and is equipped with an island.

“Owning an island that can be easily surrounded by family members and guests without getting stuck in the corner, was able to reduce congestion in the kitchen,” says Jennifer.

The second step is to provide a path that is large enough to pass the homeowners and guests. At the very least, provide the space wide 90 cm to 100 cm, so you can easily pass-passing by.

However, if there is more than one person is fond of cooking in your home, then you need a bigger line. Width 120 cm likely able to provide enough space for two people inside the home chef. The space of this size makes it easy for two people who are constantly changed its position to work in the sink, kitchen table, or the stove.

The third step is to consider the room to sit in the kitchen area. Although the kitchen is a special place to Cook, there is no harm in sitting room you prepare on an island or a table in the middle of your kitchen. You can use the section to Your entertaining guests while you cook. You can also eat your breakfast, or even just take a rest while waiting for Your dishes cooked.

It’s just if you provide seating around the island or peninsula in the kitchen, then the size of the line that you have previously set up should be enlarged. If the kitchen is only used for one person you can provide the space of 90cm, then with your Chair needs a bigger space.

The fourth step, now it’s time to pay attention to your kitchen cooking appliances, such as refrigerators, oven, microwave or dishwasher. You do have to set up the placement of all the equipment in order to make it easier for You to work efficiently.

However, you should be careful. Lest, when opening the fridge, You cannot open the kitchen cabinet. Avoid placing two opposing, such as equipment refrigerators was confronted with the oven. It is capable of causing “gridlock” in your kitchen.

Avoid also put the equipment on the corners of the kitchen. Also, note Your kitchen cabinets so that all can be opened at the same time.

The fifth step, give a large enough space in front of your fridge. The fridge is one piece of equipment that becomes the center of attention in the kitchen. Not only you’re cooking. Your child can also approach the kitchen at the same time to take cold drinks.

In addition to the fridge, give it also a space large enough for a sink to wash the dishes in your kitchen. Avoid placing the washbasin in the corner of the kitchen. Placement like this could make “congestion” in your kitchen.

The sixth step always adapts to the space you have. For example, you have a limited space but would like to have an island in your kitchen. The first way so that your kitchen does not feel full is getting rid of the use of the island. The second way, use the island which can be easily moved.

Adaptations of this need the views of others. If necessary, contact immediately the experts who are able to design your kitchen in a way that is effective and free “jammed”. Even if you have to spend more in by asking for expert help, you could save a lot more because of the kitchen you can immediately work properly. Time, money, and effort would not be wasted.