Tips On Cleaning The Kitchen Set

cleaning-kitchenHaving a kitchen set is certainly great fun especially if you have a kitchen set with an attractive design and also has a storage area.

Kitchen set with wood LAMINATES are now very widely used and becomes commonplace. But of course use often kitchen set will make a quick dirty, even if not cared for properly kitchen set will be quickly broke.

Well, to prevent a kitchen set at home is not easily broken and dirty, surely we should be diligent in cleaning and care for her. However, cleaning and caring for kitchen set could not arbitrarily Imania companions, there are specific ways you should know so that not even the destructive ingredient of kitchen set.

The following cleaning tips minimalist kitchen set at once her treatment so keep it clean and durable.

How To Clean Kitchen Set Are Routinely

Kitchen sets primarily granite and HPL section should be cleaned regularly to keep it look clean and well maintained. To clean granite fairly easily with just a wipe IE using a damp cloth that has been given SOAP and then wipes again using a dry cloth.

For cleaning HPL can be done the following ways:

  • Prepare a cleaning solution, namely by making a solution of vinegar by mixing water with vinegar and water 1:3 benchmarking. Use this solution to clean the kitchen set regularly.
  • Spray to the part that wanted to be cleaned or dirty parts.
  • Then wipe with a dry rag to use.

Tips On Cleaning The Kitchen Set In Total

Every other week or once a month, you should do a clean the kitchen set in total from the surface of the outside, inside, and its sides. The following step by step how to clean kitchen set in total.

  • Clean the external parts in advance using a solution of vinegar and wipe dry.
  • Then clean the inside, remove items or furniture that is in order to not corrupted when purged.
  • Clean the inside of the cabinet and the cracks of its slot by using a solution of vinegar and a brush or cloth.
  • If you are dirt or stains that have been long stuck in the cabinet, use baking soda mixed with water to remove stains.

That’s the way and tips to clean the kitchen set at once took great care to keep it clean, neat, and no doubt still look durable and long lasting.
If you do not have time to get busy, you can use a kitchen cleaning service, of course this makes additional expenses, but you can redeem time with your family.