Nov 11

A New Exterior for Any Size Budget

Most homeowners do not realize that they can change the exterior of their home. Just like the interior, you can change the outside of your house in order to fall in love with it all over again. There are actually a few options available when it comes to the exterior that any home owner can accomplish. Some are labor intense and require the help of a professional while others are budget friendly, do-it-yourself projects.


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Changing the look of your landscaping is one of the easiest and most budget friendly ways to change a home’s exterior. Your local home improvement stores or garden centers often run specials on flowers, plants, and shrubs. Search the internet for different garden layouts and inspiration. Add shrubs to cover large empty spaces, and use flowers for a pop of color. Plants can be hung from hooks, placed in window boxes, or sat on the front porch for added interest.

New Siding

If your siding is showing signs of age, it can bring down the look of the entire house. Painting is one solution for siding that is covered in peeling paint, but having it completely replaced allows you to create a totally new look for your home. It is your one big chance to change the color, style, and texture. When it comes to attractive designs like cedar shake siding Portland has many professionals that can help like those at Clear Vision Construction.

Updated Features

Updating the doors, windows, and shutters is a middle of the road option. It doesn’t cost as much as siding, but is a little pricier than landscaping. Replace your older door with one that looks inviting to everyone that approaches your home. Choose windows that are attractive and stylish, and hang coordinating shutters on each side to frame them nicely. An added bonus is the energy savings that can result from modern doors and windows.

Whether you have a limited budget to work with or are in the mood to splurge, any one of these projects can transform your home’s exterior into something new and exciting. With a little time and effort, you will find that it is easy to shake up your home’s curb appeal.

Sep 22

10 Ways to Eliminate Paint Smell Wall

The colorful and comfortable room makes you more relaxed, the one that makes the room comfortable by making it colorful, the bright colors will excite you.
But usually, the problem arises after doing the painting of your house walls, the smell of paint is sometimes very difficult to remove.

Well to overcome the problem, in this article I will review various materials that will help you remove the smell of your house paint and make the aroma of your home feels fresher. There are the ways to eliminate paint smell wall :

1. Charcoal wood

Charcoal is claimed as the most powerful natural ingredients in absorbing odor oil, stains, and odors. Uniquely, wood charcoal can also absorb the chemicals contained in the paint. In addition, how to remove the smell of paint with charcoal is also quite easy and practical. To use charcoal as a vacuum cleaner from the paint, you should place a basket of black charcoal. Let this black charcoal be in the room freshly painted overnight. The next day, the smell of paint will decrease or disappear altogether because wood charcoal will accelerate the process of absorbing the smell of wall paint faster than any other way.

2. White vinegar

Unexpectedly white vinegar turned out to be one natural ingredient to remove the smell of paint. So, in addition, to overcome the stains on white clothing, it turns out vinegar can also absorb the smell of paint is quite stinging. All you have to do is provide one container of white vinegar, then place the container not far from the freshly painted room. Then, let the paint stick the vinegar overnight, then the smell of stinging paint has been slightly reduced. While using vinegar to absorb the smell of paint, open windows and ventilate the room to accelerate the process of removing the smell of paint the walls.

3. Onions

All kinds of onions do have a stinging smell. In fact, the stinging smell of onion, the onions can be used to neutralize the smell of paint the walls are still new. Use fresh onions in this case. You just have to split the onion into two parts. Place each piece of onion in a different corner of the room. The sharp aroma of this onion will immediately neutralize the smell of fresh paint. However, you do not have to worry because the scent of this onion will not make an impression in your room.

4. Coffee powder

The smell of dark coffee turned out to be a way of removing the smell of paint the walls are still new. If you feel cramped because your room smells of paint, why not try putting ground coffee in your room? It is advisable to use black coffee because the aroma is very strong. Place ground coffee in a container and place it in the center of the room. Leave this coffee in a sealed room without turning on the air conditioner. Coffee will soon absorb the smell of wall paint and immediately replace it with the aroma of fragrant coffee.

5. Lemon

Want to make your room smell fresh even freshly painted? Relax, you do not need to use air freshener because lemon can be a natural material that will refresh the air in your room. Cut the lemon into 2-4 parts, then spread these pieces of lemon throughout the room. Let the lemon be in the freshly painted room for a full night. The fresh lemon scent will soon fill your room. In addition, the smell of paint that interfere with breathing will also soon disappear after the lemon is placed in your room overnight.

6. Pineapple

Just like lemon, pineapple is a natural ingredient to absorb the smell of paint as well as spreading fresh aroma in the room. You can use this fruit to neutralize the smell of paint in your room. How to use pineapple to scent the room is also the same as when you use lemon. Cut the pineapple into pieces, then place it on the plate. Place each pineapple plate in every corner of the room. However, given the pineapple is a sweet fruit, it is very risky attended by ants.

7. Saltwater

Do not have all the ingredients we have mentioned above? Surely you definitely have a salt kitchen, right? Well, take advantage of the salt of the kitchen as a way to remove the smell of paint. Saltwater solution is believed to absorb the smell of paint is very stinging. Make a couple of glasses of brine solution, then place it in every corner and center of the room. Saltwater cannot absorb paint odor instantly, it takes a whole night to rely on this brine solution to remove wall paint.

8. Essence Vanilla

Many do not know this simple trick. Indeed, you can mix a few drops of essence vanilla into the wall paint before it begins to apply to the wall. This vanilla essence will reduce the smell of paint is very stinging. In addition, vanilla will also smell the fragrance of your room after painting. No need to worry about the color or quality of paint will change after added vanilla because this one material will not affect the quality of the paint you wear.

9. Baking soda

This one material is also claimed to reduce the smell of new wall paint. Baking soda has the ability to absorb the smell of very thick paint. You can make a solution of water and baking soda in a container, then place the container in the center of the room. It could also be a way of sprinkling baking soda onto the floor to absorb the smell of paint. The latter way will make you a bit of a hassle when having to clean the floor the next day.

10. Aromatherapy

Has aromatherapy commonly used to soothe body and mind? Take advantage of the aromatherapy to neutralize the room where the air is contaminated with the smell of wall paint. Turn on your aromatherapy in a freshly painted room, then in just an instant the smell of paint will be defeated by the scent spread by the newly installed aromatherapy. Another tip to consider when wanting to remove the smell of wall paint is to avoid the use of air conditioner (AC) at the time of painting. Try to open all windows and ventilate the entire room at and after painting the wall. If there is a door connected from the room painted with another room, just close the door so that the scent of the paint is not contaminated the other room. Before using natural ingredients as a way of removing the smell of paint, you can also install the fan in the room. The air from the fan makes the paint scent disappear quickly and the paint on the wall is also easier to dry with the fan. Tips this one also applies when you paint an object in the room. If necessary try to paint the object outdoors so that the smell of paint is not left in the room.

Aug 14

Our Country Home Has Really Got Us Hooked on Country Living

We bought our home about a decade ago from my wife’s grandparents who were retiring out of state. We thought it would be just a first home for us, but we decided we really like it here. It is on rural land, and it has lots of acreage and a big pond. I spend entire Saturdays mowing, but it is very worth it. The house needed a few upgrades from when it was built, and we got it all done including fancy custom orange county shutters that go on the inside of the windows instead of the outside. You use them to replace the need for blinds and draperies. We like the open look. There is nothing blocking the wonderful country light when you swing them open out of the way in the morning. They also offer great privacy at night. You can open and close the louvered slats to let just the right amount of light in, or you can close them to keep the interior of your home private. Continue reading

Dec 08

The Perks of Calling a Professional Contractor for Your Home’s Troubles

Plumber company serviceThe plumbing system inside your home is one of the most complex and delicate systems in the whole house. Even the slightest of problem could cause a major disaster that takes a significant amount of time and money to resolve. Before you let such a problem arise, however, you can deal with burgeoning issues now by hiring professionals to work on this important yet challenging system. When you hire contractors like professional repairmen and plumbers Baltimore homeowners like you can reap benefits that let you put your mind at ease.

Early Diagnosis of Plumbing Issues

You may not be aware that a problem is lurking under the pipes and drains of your home. You may notice that a sink drains a bit slower or that the pipes in the kitchen smell like sulfur when you run water down them. However, you may not realize that these seemingly small issues belie major disasters in the making.

When you see small changes in the way your plumbing works, it is important that you call a plumber quickly instead of trying to deal with the issue yourself. You could have impending problems like limbs growing through your sewer line, a backed up septic tank, or even a build up of sewage under your front yard. You never know what problems could be lying in wait if you wait to have minor plumbing issues addressed promptly.

A plumber can come to your home and inspect the lines to figure out what is wrong with your plumbing system. Early diagnosis and repairs can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in the future. It may be better to spend money now than face having to finance a major repair job months or years down the road.

Maintenance of Plumbing

One of the best ways to deal with minor issues is to never let them arise in the first place. By having your plumbing properly maintained, you can keep major problems at bay indefinitely.

Plumbers can perform routine maintenance like clearing small debris from your drains, inspecting lines for tree growth, or carrying out other routine tasks. This regular maintenance can give you the peace of mind that your plumbing will continue to work like new.

Major plumbing disasters are costly and time consuming to address. You can save yourself worry and money by hiring professional plumbers to maintain and repair small issues with your sinks, drains, and pipes now.

Nov 06

Renting a Portable Air Conditioner When The Family Visits


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The holidays are fast approaching, and it’s time to start preparing for the annual visit from family. This can be a nice visit, but if you’ve got people coming in from an area with a vastly different climate than what you get in Columbia in winter, the temperature in the house can become an issue. You’re acclimated to the South’s occasionally warm weather in winter, but someone who is coming in from a colder climate might end up feeling much too hot. But instead of turning on the air conditioner and making it pointlessly cold in the house for you, look into portable air conditioner rental in Columbia, SC. That could solve a lot of problems and let you have a nicer visit.

Record-Breaking Heat

Columbia isn’t immune to hot winters. In fact, at the end of 2015, the area saw temperatures in the 70s and 80s. For a visiting family member used to much colder temperatures in, say, Minnesota, warmer temperatures like that can be an uncomfortable shock.

But turning on the regular air conditioner might not be the answer, at least not all the time. In the middle of a hot day, it might be, but as the day cools down, you might find the temperatures fine, but your visiting family could be complaining. For them, a portable air conditioner in their room might be a suitable option. They can keep their room cooler than the rest of the house; you’d just need to remember to secure the window so that the vent stays in place and there are no other security issues.

Why Rent and Not Buy?

Renting the air conditioner is better because you’ll need it for only a short time. Buying a good portable air conditioner unit can run into the hundreds of dollars. Renting is much more affordable if you’re not going to need the air conditioner for more than that short time.

Check with your family to see if they’ll need special arrangements given the unpredictability of the temperatures in Columbia. Rent the air conditioner early on as supplies can run out fast if there’s another heat wave that catches people unaware.

Nov 06

Safety Training Help Employees Safety and Health at the Workplace


There are various health and safety hazards in the workplace. Safety training can help employees become aware of the safety and health hazards at the workplace so that they can prevent accidents and other harmful incidents.


There are several types of safety training courses including general and industry-specific. General courses include first aid training while the latter include arc flash safety training, electrical current safety, and respiratory disease screening. Safety training courses in many ways including online training, web-based seminars, and classroom sessions.


Safety training is considered a legal requirement that helps organizations remain compliant with government regulations. Failure to comply with safety training regulations may attract severe punishments including fines and jail terms. Safety training provides employees with the perception that their safety and security are protected. It also helps to motivate employees, which enhances productivity. In addition, safety training helps to reduce the rate of accidents in the workplace, which helps to reduce employee absenteeism and healthcare costs.

OSHA Regulations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), provides a list of rules and guidelines for workplace safety based on industry and job function. In addition, it provides training materials and resources in occupational safety and health for businesses in the U.S. OSHA carries out over 40,000 inspections each year. Research indicates that job-related deaths and injuries have decreased significantly since OSHA was established.

Important Factors to Consider

Organizations are required not only to offer safety training courses (both general and industry-specific), but to also to provide formal documentation as proof of compliance with OSHA’s rules and regulations. This helps them avoid court cases and punishments in form of fines. These documents also help organizations determine the amount of training that their employees require so that they can plan and budget for the training.

Employees often come and go. People often forget and may need to be reminded about certain issues regularly. As technology keeps advancing and organizations and job duties keep changing, safety training becomes an essential part of organizational efficiency and operations. Many organizations hire trained professionals to provide safety training while others use their current employees to train the new ones, which is quite risky. Safety training requires expertise and many employee-to-employee safety-training programs lack the expert factor.