Aug 04

The Function of The Park in Front of The House

The function of the park in front of the house but can beautify page there are also some other uses that is believed to add to the comfort of the home inhabit, what are the uses? of course very much at all, therefore, let us discuss here. previously created first few answer can perhaps be the answer to this question.


The function of the park in front of the house

  • Beautify the home page, various forms of ornamental plants with colorful blooming flowers can be a means to beautify the exterior of the residence.
  • As rain water catchment areas so they can get into the soil, this way we can go down a role in green building programs, as well as efforts to address the flooding that recently hit the big city often build damage the surrounding natural environment.
  • Refreshing the mind of fatigue when home from work activities.
  • Channeling hobby for those who like farming house or yard.
  • As a home-based business for those who want to do business selling ornamental plants.
  • As a means of children’s play house or yard.
  • Complementary architectural model homes, some form of residential houses it does not complete if it does not add to the variation model of ornamental plants in the yard.
  • As a supplier of clean and fresh air into the house, we know that plants can produce oxygen during the day the indispensable man to breathe.
  • To keep the fish in the pond that placed the garden house.

Similarly, some use a garden in front of the house, the garden can also be made in addition to, behind or even inside the house.

Jul 20

Tips on Choosing Home Interior Minimalist

Minimalist house design is very suitable for those who have applied to the rhythm of activity is high enough and the like lifestyle very practical. Minimalist home design that is simple and practical all makes it easy for you when caring and cleaning. What’s more, minimalist home design can also save costs and become an alternative design for the home you live in a big city with limited land.


Minimalist home design will increasingly look attractive when balanced with a good home interior. Interior design should consider the following:

First, the selection of furniture and ornaments. Use furniture and ornaments shaped geometry. Avoid displaying furniture or ornaments that too much detail. Choose the shape is simple but still interesting. Note also the size. Adjust the size of the furniture and ornaments with spacious rooms. In order for your minimalist home do not seem stuffy, do not put a lot of furniture in a room. Optimize the existence of such furniture using multifunctional furniture. For trellis and staircase railing, choose a simple motive. For example, in the form of a combination of vertical and horizontal lines. In closing the window, you can use the basic blinds or roller. While the lights, there are several alternatives to choose from. Among models hidden light, down light, or chandelier.

Second, the selection of colors. Make sure any accessories and furniture you use in harmony with the concept of space. Similarly with color. Choose colors matching between ornaments, furniture, or other accessories in the room. For window and door frames should you use dark colors and without profile.

Third, optimize storage space. To get an impression of a minimalist home is neat and clean, avoid displaying items such as books and toys in the open. Make sure that the goods had been able to get into a rack or cabinet. To anticipate the limitations of space, you can optimize the storage place. For example, by making the shelf under the bed, a cupboard under the stairs and under the sink, or in the corners of the house unused.

Jul 06

Tips for Decorating Kitchen

Let’s find out some tips on decorating the kitchen which is very important for the comfort of this house, could say the kitchen is the busiest room among other room. With the strategic position for the entire family communication center, the kitchen also provides a cozy atmosphere to enjoy a meal while conversing with other family members. With a comfortable home design, each residents will feel more at home to be in the room.


The kitchen is pretty big impact on the beauty of home decor. Can you imagine if you are well-appointed kitchen, surely visitors to the house will admire the neatness and cleanliness of the room. The assessment will be different if the kitchen looks dirty, shabby and unkempt, the homeowner will be deemed not to have art in house decorate. Do you want to design the house neat, especially the part of your kitchen? This is the time to learn the essential steps to beautify your kitchen.

Prepare a budget

Before you jump directly to renovate the kitchen to be more slick, it’s good to prepare a budget. Make sure you have sufficient funds preparation to renovate the house for decorating the kitchen indeed absorb considerable funds to arrange the room nicely. Do not forget, when preparing the allocation of funds for the design of the house, make a note of spending more funds in order to alert if there is an unexpected need for funds.

Can not remodeling, redecorating became

No need to force yourself if no sufficient funds to design the kitchen. You can do a re-decorating to save costs. This method is smart enough to beautify the room without having to shell out a lot.

Choose the right style for kitchen decor beautiful

To choose the right style of decoration, it is better to discuss with other residents or find references the idea of some design magazines. Or if you want more easily, you can look at websites that offer beautiful decorating ideas for your kitchen. If you want to create your own design, it is not a problem. Please try to make their own sketch of the kitchen decor. Easier choice fell on the software created specifically to facilitate you in designing the room. Please visit the websites of online design software provider to get a brilliant idea to beautify your kitchen.

When you’re done with the design of the kitchen, use the method of “triangle” for arranging the room in it. This means that you should set the sink, refrigerator and gas stove in the form of a triangle. Three things are important factors that are often required in each activity so that the kitchen would be better for them to be placed close together and form a triangle for easy cooking activities. To paint the kitchen design, it is better if matched with the color furniture in the kitchen. So as to create harmony of beautiful colors and interesting.

Jun 29

Know the Benefits of Anti upholstery Leaks For Your Property

Enjoying rain in the warmth of the house with all the relatives is actually fun. Only, when the construction of the house began in trouble, you face the possibility of leakage. Do not let that happen.

From now on, make sure your home leak-proof, one way to install waterproof (water coating). Not only serves as a deterrent to seep water from the ceiling, waterproof also can dispel water seepage in the wall.

Here are a variety of commercially available waterproof.

In general, there are two types of waterproof on the market, namely the type of membrane and coating. Both of these types each have specifications, advantages, and disadvantages.

Waterproof membrane manifold has a sheet form. In fact, some are sold in rolls. Both sheets or rolls, you will find surface subtle, layered sand, and “waterproofing granule” with stone-paved surface.

When viewed from the material manufacturer, you will find water fiber coating consists of only one layer. Because only one layer, the water-retaining this type is relatively easy to tear. Meanwhile, some are made from polyester. Compared with fiber, this type of relatively stronger.

Installation waterproof membrane can be applied to the surface of the leak by means of heated, treated beforehand with a layer of adhesive, or even just stay attached. Some kind of already have an adhesive.

In addition to various membranes, there is also a kind of “coating”. Like the term penyebutannya, anti-water is a coating that has a method similar to the method of application of paint application. The difference is, if the paint is only divided into two types, namely paint “indoor” and paint “outdoor”, anti-water has three types.

The first type of water-based, the second type of cement-based, while the third type based solvent. Water-based coatings do not require preparation or mixing materials. Homeowners can be directly used on the surface of the leak.

In contrast to the anti-water, water-based practical, two other types require more effort. For example, “waterproof” based on cement. Such coatings are generally sold in a package containing a liquid solution and powder. Before use, the material must first be mixed.

The last type, that is “waterproof” based solvent, mixing ingredients that require kerosene. Generally, “waterproof” is called the “flinkute”.

Before selecting the type of water-proof coating for your home, first of all, make sure the type of case leakage. At best type of coating you choose, if it does not match the situation on the ground, would not be able to resolve the problem.

Jun 29

Steps and Design Concept Main Bedroom

Talking about the bedroom, the room is very privacy for each occupant. Perhaps the bedrooms has its own comfort, as well as personal secrets for the residents. To create a harmonious atmosphere, needs some maintenance and remodeling. The treatment can be applied through a design in accordance with the preferences of residents. What is the proper design for the master bedroom? Curious? Follow a few steps in designing a bedroom below.

main bedroom

Referred to as the master bedroom, where the daily room used by the owner to rest and do other activities in it. The room has several categories, one of the main room, maid’s room, and a special room. This time, we will discuss is the master bedroom.

How to make the master bedroom to be comfortable? As a first step in the design of the master bedroom, define the concept to be applied in the bedroom. As much as possible, a concept which will be applied to adjust to favorite
inhabitants for example, hobbies, or favorite characters.

After preparing a draft, proceed with staining. Staining can start with the selection of bright colors in the room includes room walls and floor of the room. With bright colors, will give the impression of a comfortable and harmonious in it.

Application of the wall can be done with put color with paint or wallpaper. After that, the floor can be infused color that corresponds to the bedroom wall. If the floor was already different colors, floors can be coated with a matching carpet. In addition, the carpet also has a warm impression in the room.

The selection of bedroom furniture, wardrobes choose to taste, not too wide to minimize the space in the room. In addition, the bed should also be adjusted in size. For how many people the bed. In addition to saving space, can also order room neat display.

Similarly simple steps master bedroom design, by following the above steps, the master bedroom is full of comfort will soon be reached. Hopefully the above could be a good reference and useful to readers. Good luck.

Jun 15

The cause of the house is not occupied quickly broken

Why are houses that are not occupied more easily damaged? What is the real cause of the house is unoccupied easily damaged, various things can be the cause of this problem, we will try to decipher thus uncovered things that can lead to damaged homes when not inhabited by humans. For starters we created first a few simple list that may have the potential to accelerate damage to the home.

broken home

The cause of the house is not occupied quickly broken

  • Home insects such as spiders can cause dirty room cleanliness and damage the paint so impressed as old houses are not groomed.
  • Room in the house rarely get fresh air because the windows are rarely opened the lid, so the room was hot and cause rapid deterioration of building materials.
  • Small indirect damage repaired so that over time can be enlarged, it is different if it is occupied, aka tone piecemeal treatment.
  • The house had not been cleaned so many germs or dirt that can damage building materials.
  • Household furniture made of iron will easily rust if exposed to water or dirt and not be cleaned.
  • Unoccupied houses became less groomed and therefore can not stand durable.
  • If there is a leaky roof can not be fixed immediately so that when it rains, the water has the potential to stagnate in the room.
  • When the flood came the house without occupants not be cleaned of debris leftover so prone to flood damage to buildings.
  • It may be that there is a deliberate intention to destroy the house because no resident security guard building of various disorders.

How to whether there are additional things that can cause a house damaged when not occupied? Of course still much. Therefore, if one have a suggestion or happen to know it can share the knowledge here that can be used as a reference for our friends who are curious looking for reasons why a house that is not occupied become easily damaged, while the inhabited house can seem durable?