Tips To Create Unique Photo Frame

Photo frame may indeed merely a decoration on the wall or just ornaments sweetener on the table. However, framing a photograph on a special place to make a special moment. Photo frames as recorded moments that can keep a photo last longer.

However, the photo frame can also be an extra Interior to add a beautiful impression on the walls of your home, photo frame doesn’t have to be shaped square. The photo frame can also have a variety of forms from a variety of materials. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy it. You can create your own unique photo frame making it at home. Here’s some inspiration for design unique photo frame can you try to make yourself at home.

1. Circular picture frame

circle unique photo frame

If you get bored with a photo frame in the shape of a box, you could post your picture on a unique photo frame shaped like a circle. You can create your own round its shape from wire twig or straw. Utilizing the rest of the duct tape that has been exhausted to embroider as round its frame. To the sides of the frame, you can decorate it in accordance with your wishes. Paint with watercolors or provide other ornaments such as creating handicraft flowers on its sides.

In order to make this unique picture frame hanging on the wall, you can. You can attach the belt or rope bag unused to the perimeter of the circle. Don’t forget the photos you store in it should be cut in accordance with the circle.

2. Unique photo frame From acrylic glass

acrylic photo frame

One of the unique photo frames are jamming hits now are acrylic glass photo frame. Framing a photo with the glass acrylic can make it look like a painting or photographic work which is in a museum or art gallery.

Acrylic glass can also give the impression that such photos were floating around in the walls. Effect of mounting art unique photo frame with acrylic glass will increasingly look classy and modern when you hang it on the wall are a little dull, as gray and broken white.

How to make a unique picture frame with glass acrylic is quite easy. You just need to put your picture between the two acrylic glass, and then a second glass glued together using bolts that are placed on the four corners of the glass. Installation of wood you can also add as cantilever glass acrylic so photos look more artistic and prolific.

3. the photo frame From Lego Toys

photo frame From Lego Toys

Make a Lego toy as decoration for a photo frame is one of innovation. The effect of a very playful, you can place this unique photo frame in your room or in the children’s playroom. For you, fans of Lego can design according to the theme or characters you like Lego.

In making this unique photo frame you need to do is partition-partition of Lego, glues, and creativity! Yes, the end result really depends on what you creativity with coding. Using Lego toys can also be a solution to recycle function toys-toys that are no longer used. You can also involve the little one in the making of this unique photo frame, perhaps he was more adept at putting together Lego than you!

4. the photo frame As Lampshades

the photo frame As Lampshades

Unique photo frame variation is the next concept photo frames as lampshades. This unique photo frame serves to post beautiful moments, can also provide an attractive ambiance for the lighting of the room.

With the concept of this unique photo frame, you can only post one photo in a frame, you can also apply the concept of collage picture frames. Print a collection of photos on tracing paper or other opaque paper, adjust the length and width of the paper following the circumference of the cover of the lamp. Then replace with paper lampshades pictorial photo collage.

The second way to create this unique photo frame, you can sort the four photo frame that has a circular frame in a box, and then paste it on his fourth with glue. Lastly, the left headlight bulb is yellow in the Center. TADA! be unique photo frames as lampshades, easy right? Oh yes, it’s the photographs printed with color monochrome so as not to hinder the glow of lights.

5. Photo frame with the concept of the Mood Board

Photo frame with the concept of the Mood Board

Did you ever feel bored with photos were displayed on the wall? Or you want to be able to change the image to fit the mood? Unique picture frame concept mood board this could be the solution.

The design of this unique photo frame consists of the rectangular wooden frame. Inside, stitched into wire made a crawl. The photos are then hung by using pincers Polaroids. In order to display the sweeter, you can add LED lights around the perimeter of this unique photo frame.

With photo frame show the unique mood of this board, you can put a variety of images, from photographs from the Polaroid camera, inspirational quotations, and travel tickets sign your adventure. There are no binding rules for putting the pictures on a mood board, you can organize them as freely as possible. Wire nets on this unique photo frame also could you use to hang accessories, such as earrings and necklaces.

6. The canvas photo frame

The canvas photo frame

Do you often use your picture to edit the sketch filters? Certainly easy, isn’t it? because in one click your picture already looks like a sketch of a painting. Well, it turns out the canvas not only can you make it as a photo frame, but can also transform the photos you have to be a sketch of the painting.

If using an application filter photo, sometimes the end result sketches look like a contrived. The end result of this unique photo frame really likes showing a sketch painted by hand!

This unique photo framework is indeed a bit tricky and time-consuming. First of all, you must coat the canvas with glue gel, you can use a brush for the application. After that, attach the front part of the photograph on canvas, wait overnight until dry.

After a fairly dry, spray water on the photos stuck to the canvas and rub the entire surface until photos of sketches appeared. Unique photo frame with canvas is ready to be exhibited!

7. Photo Frame from bottles and Cans

Photo Frame from bottles and Cans

This unique photo frame creation utilizing a used good, such as bottles and glasses bottles, as its main material. Not just be a photo frame, bottles can be transformed into another decor accessories, you can frame your picture at once as the decoration of the vase.

For this unique photo frame material, you can use the bottles of syrup or perfume bottles. Make sure you wash it first, Yes. As additional decoration, give it a nautical ornament into a glass bottle. For example enter the sand, small clam shells and decorate it with pearls.

This unique photo frame display ever so similar to bottles that drift in the Ocean contains valuable messages. In order for the plastic cans look new and more colorful, you can paint the plastic cans according to the color of the flowers in the vase.

What you so inspired to make unique photo frame version yours own? The most important in making an element of decor are you sensitive to utilize items that exist in the round. Good luck!