How to Choose House Paint Color

How to Choose House Paint Color can be your reference when will paint the house. A dwelling is a palace for its owner. Eliminate the fatigue of the daily routine is usually done when meeting the family, of course when we get home. Such a feeling indicates that between the house and the owner has an extraordinary attachment. This of course also applies to you is not it? Yes, every house must reflect the identity of its inhabitants. Starting from the form of the house, design, concept, and colors that adorn the walls of the house. Well, for the latter category is usually used most homeowners to explore their respective characters.

How to Choose House Paint Color


Designing house paint colors include habits that are often done to show the character of the homeowner. To choose the paint color of the house of course tailored to the wishes of its inhabitants. However, not everyone is able to combine several colors to be an interesting look at their home. Thus, it is important for homeowners to think about some steps to choose the color of the house can be in accordance with the concept and does not make a rigid impression on the inhabitants. Here is a review of the steps you can take when choosing a color for your house paint.

1. Determine the House Paint Color Combination

A house will look beautiful and comfortable with the selection of paint colors in accordance with the room. Make sure you create a color design that fits with the concept in the house. Usually, people will choose a neutral color for 80% of their home walls and equip 20% of them with other bolder colors. It does not have to be. The selection of colors with bold can be done to impress the warmth in your home. Here are some tips for choosing the right colors:

  • Try to choose a color that consists of some of your favorite colors and family
  • Color does not have to be conspicuous because it can be neutralized with white for a more dynamic impression
  • Dare to choose color is one of the keys to the success of combination techniques
  • Distinguish between colors for interior paint with exterior

2. Know the Character of Every Color

Each color has different characters you know! So you must be good at choosing what suits your personality. Many neutral color selections actually impress the rigid character of the owner, so you can avoid or mix it with certain more lit colors.

1. White

The choice of white is the choice of the majority of people. The white color is considered as a clean color as well as luxurious and neutral. Usually, homeowners will show a combination of color on the furniture that adorns the area of ​​the house to cover the impression of white that is too dominant. However, the choice of white color will give the impression of rigid and cold if too widely used.

2. Gray

This type of color is currently a favorite. The concept of a minimalist house often uses a gray color to give a broader impression. Almost the same as white, too much gray is used as the color of the house will give the impression of rigid and arrogant.

3. Black

The impressive black color of the building is sturdy and elegant. The use of black in the walls of the house turned into a mystical and seem narrow. The black color is suggested as the selection of exterior colors only because this dark color can cause the impression of luxury if appropriate placement.

4. Pastel

The combination of pastel colors now also began a lot of interest to decorate the modern houses. Pastel colors can create a soft and flexible impression for the inhabitants.

3. Know The Best Color For The Room

How to Choose House Paint Color next identify the best colors for each room. Some rooms require a variety of colors, of course for those of you who dare to play the color, your character will be seen here. The house consists of a room – a room that is definitely a major need such as living room, family room, bedroom, and kitchen. Type of room is certainly has a different concept that requires a different color. Here are tips for choosing colors that are commensurate with your room.

1. Living Room

The living room is the most important room in a house. The living room is a place to receive guests who are not from the residents of the house. Certainly, this room is clearly in front and very frequented by other parties. Featuring a beautiful living room can also be done through color selection. The right colors used in the living room are neutral colors like white, a combination of monochrome or pastel colors. A warm impression will be displayed in these colors. Avoid using dark colors such as black, gray, brown, red and the like because it can create a stiff impression.

2. Living Room or Dining Room

The living room can be fused with the dining room. This room is a room that is also important because it is a space that will be used to gather all your family members. Color usage such as beige, orange, yellow or red can be used in this room. For the dining room, some surveys say that a light green or pastel color is a color that can invite appetite.

3. Bedrooms

Entering the actual sleeping area is relative as it depends on each occupant of the room. The bold color selection is also recommended to further impress the stronger personality of the room’s inhabitants. Usually red, purple, blue, pink and the like can be an option to assert your personality.

4. Kitchen

The kitchen is a favorite for housewives. This is where your menu is presented with various innovations from a variety of mainstay recipes. To bring inspiration sometimes requires a comfortable atmosphere. Selection of orange or metallic colors like chocolate, a combination of two colors is perfect for adding spirits to your kitchen.

5. Bathroom

The main bathroom is clean. In addition to maintaining the cleanliness of the bathroom manually, the use of the right colors also raises the impression of hygiene for your bathroom. Colors like blue, green are considered to have a clean impression that will support the look of your bathroom.

4. Paint Treatment

Paint that has been applied to your wall also requires care. As a tip that the use of ceramic material on the lower 5cm wall will keep the wall from humidity temperature. That way, wall paint is not easy to peel and faded color. In addition, strong lighting is recommended for you to display the colors boldly. Lighting is very influential for the appearance of the walls of your house, especially for the interior, while the exterior can be supported only by the lights on the terrace or garden only.

The selection of the right color on the house paint will provide a warmth that can be felt by residents and guests who come to visit. A color that is in accordance with the concept of the room will be sweeter if combined with matching furniture that can be applied in each room. Therefore, carefully choose the color of your home, guaranteed you as a family will be more comfortable at home.