How to Make Fire Resistant Wood Furniture

Wood is a building material that has been known since the time of the ancestors. Its application is still popular today and able to give the feel of its own.

Most of the wood is processed into the architecture of the house, furniture and other objects. The type and the price is varied to be selected as needed.

This material is fairly large most at risk in case of disaster. Such as fires, floods and pests. That is why many people would normally think-ripe period when they want to optimize these materials at their house. But these risks can be minimized at this time. One of them makes wood so fireproof.

There are a number of alternative options to create your own fireproof timber. Some of them had been published by experts. They tried to find a solution to make this a favorite material more useful and durable. Thus no more worries when people want to use wood for houses, furniture and so on.

Then how do I make a fireproof timber? Find the answer in the following explanation!

1. Wood Fireproof With ‘Liquid Glass’

How to create a fireproof timber was introduced by researchers from Japan, Masatoshi Shioda. He recommended the use of liquid glass (liquid glass) to coat the surface of the wood. The shape and texture of this material like ordinary liquids. But if it dries to form glass. Why liquid glass can make fireproof timber?

According to scientific explanations Shioda, the wood material has many cylindrical vessels that are sensitive to fire. If the wood is coated glass of liquid, the liquid will seep cover the vessel. The depth of the liquid to seep around 5 millimeters. Timber vessels that are covered with liquid glass will turn into a layer of glass so inherently flammable.

2. Wood Resistant With Phosphate

Meanwhile, a number of researchers provide other alternatives. They describe a more economical and simple. Glass liquid is very effective, but it is still fairly quite expensive. If you want cheaper to use phosphates, borates, ammonioum sulfate, zinc chloride or amino resin.

These materials can make fireproof timber for a while. Basically the material is still making wood burning, but the process is very slow. So that the damage can be minimized. Suggested materials are now widely applied to the material of the timber. In addition to flame retardance, chemical it also serves to prevent pests and tend to be durable.

Well, now you just choose which way you want to try to make a fireproof timber. Each material has its pluses and minuses that you need to consider carefully. Especially if you want to use wood materials in large quantities for home, exterior, interior or other furniture.